Stable Rug Guide – Lightweight, Medium and Heavy

Stable Rug Guide – Lightweight, Medium and Heavy

Updated 17/05/2018

There’s no better feeling in the winter when you know your horse is stood in the stable warm, cozy and tucked up for the night. With a selection of styles, sizes and fill’s there’s now a whole host of options to consider when choosing what rug may be suitable for your horse.

You may choose to layer up or opt for a heavyweight combo, either way, there’s a good selection of rugs available today to suit all budgets.

Check out some of our favourites below…


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Amigo Insulator from Horseware Ireland

The Amigo Insulator is a classic cut rug and comes with a 100g or 250g fill, neck loops for detachable hood (purchased separately) and fillet string included. 

Durable, ideal for use under another rug.

Size: 5’6 – 7ft

Priced around £46.00 – £60.00

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Premier Equine Stable Buster 100

Shaped to contour the body, the rug has been designed to be breathable with comfort in mind. High cut shoulder gussets, monogram polyester lining with anti-static and anti-bacterial technology.

Velcro fastenings for detachable hood.

Sizes: 5’6 – 7’3

RRP: £109.99


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Elico Cheviot 200 Stable Rug

Budget friendly stable rug from Elico. Shoulder gusset, fillet string, tail guard with twin buckle front fastenings. 

Size: 4ft – 7ft

RRP: £32.50



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Derby House Pro Medium Combo Stable Rug

Value for money 200g fill rug with built in neck for all over protection. 210D nylon to maintain coat shine and prevent chaffing.

Available in Royal blue colour with gold fastenings. 

Sizes: 4’3 – 7ft

RRP: £44.99


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WeatherBeeta Under Rug Combo

Complete with fitted neck, the under rug combo is ideal for layering or for use on it’s own. Touch tape front closure with a 220g filling, fillet string and low fitted surcingles.

Sizes: 5 – 7’3

RRP: £59.99


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Masta Avante 300 Foal Stable Rug

The Masta Avante foal rug has been designed and cut for the smaller features of foal, with a part diamond quilted 300g fill and soft feel lining.

Comes with all the features of the Masta Avante 300 rug.

Sizes: 3’9 – 4′

RRP: £42.00



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Stablemasta 400 Fixed Neck Stable Rug

The Stablemasta 400 rug has a waterproof and breathable lower section with 400g thermal lining fill. Twin channel quilting with anti-bacterial properties with strong hook and loop fastening system to help prevent slipping.

Reflective Masta badge and anti-rub satin lining.

RRP: £120.00

Sizes: Various 


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Rambo Cosy Stable Rug from Horseware Ireland

How utterly comfortable does this rug look with it’s cosy microfibre lining, close cut fleece neck padding to prevent drafts and thermobonded fiberfill for heat retention.

Breathable with v-front clip closure.

Size: 3’9 – 7’3

Priced around: £99.00 – £130.00


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Mark Todd Heavyweight Stable Combo Rug

The Mark Todd heavyweight stable combo rug comes with a fixed neck piece and has a 350g fill for extra warmth. The shoulder panel has been reinforced with a nylon lining for anti rub with fleece for the protection of the horse’s wither.

New colour for AW17 Navy/Jade

Sizes: 5’7 – 7′

RRP: £89.99




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