Stable Rug Guide – Lightweight, Medium and Heavy

Stable Rug Guide for Horse Owners – Lightweight, Medium and Heavy rugs available for your horse

Let’s set the scene … It’s winter, and it’s cold! We are tucked up, warm inside our homes, where the wind is kept out, and the heating is on.

While horses are fairly apt at regulating their body temperature, there are times when they will need the added warmth of a stable rug. Standing in the stable naturally leads to periods of inactivity, whereas outside, horses would normally move in their herds to find shelter and huddle together to stay warm. Although in a stable they are sheltered from wind and rain, during these periods of inactivity there may well be a call for a rug, especially if the horse has been clipped.

Here we take a look at a variety of stable rugs with different weights from equestrian brands we know and trust.


Amigo Insulator from Horseware Ireland

The Amigo Insulator from Horseware Ireland is a classic cut rug and comes with a 100g or 250g fill, neck loops for a detachable hood (purchased separately) and fillet string included. 

It’s a durable rug that is ideal for use under another, or on its own. The smooth outer layer helps prevent bedding from sticking to its surface, making it easy to shake off and hang up.

Size: 5’6 – 7ft

RRP £88.95

Premier Equine Stable Buster 100g

The Premier Equine Stable Buster 100g rug is shaped to contour the horse’s body. The rug has been designed to be breathable with comfort and a light layer of warmth in mind. The high-cut gussets make it ideal for heavier breeds, or those horses with wide shoulders while its longer cut sees the rug reach down the knees and hocks. The detachable hood makes the rug a versatile option for any horse owner.

Features a monogram polyester lining with anti-static and anti-bacterial technology.

Sizes: 5’6 – 7’3

RRP: £162.00


Elico Cheviot 200g Stable Rug

The Elico Cheviot 200g Stable Rug is budget-friendly no frill option from Elico that features shoulder gussets, a fillet string, a tail guard, twin buckle front fastenings, a 300 denier outer, and polyester lining.

A standard rug suitable for horses that need a little extra warmth. The broad cut around the neck, which features wither protection, suggests the rug may be suitable for heavier breeds.

Size: 4ft – 7ft

RRP: £32.50

WeatherBeeta Under Rug Combo
WeatherBeeta Under Rug Combo

WeatherBeeta Under Rug Combo

The WeatherBeeta Under Rug Combo has a 220g filling and comes complete with a fitted neck. The rug combo is ideal for layering or use on its own. Touch tape front closure makes it easy to secure and won’t build up unnecessary bulk around the area when layering.

Sizes: 5 – 7’3

RRP: £59.99

Masta Avante 300g Foal Stable Rug
Masta Avante 300g Foal Stable Rug

Masta Avante 300g Foal Stable Rug

The Masta Avante foal stable rug has been designed and cut for the smaller features of foal, with a part diamond quilted 300g fill and soft feel lining. Another no-fuss rug, perfect for any weanling.

Sizes: 3’9 – 4′

RRP: £42.00


Stablemasta 350 Fixed Neck Stable Rug

Stablemasta 350 Fixed Neck Stable Rug

The Stablemasta 400g rug is an award winning heavy-weight rug perfect for those horses with a thin coat, or in poor condition. An excellent option for those horses that have had a full clip too!

The rug features a clever dome-shaped neck that removes pressure and helps to prevent the rubbing away of the horse’s mane. There’s a memory foam wither protection pad, high cutt three way shoulder gussets and an anti-rub satin lining!

Sizes: Various 

Rambo Cosy Stable Rug from Horseware Ireland

Rambo Cosy Stable Rug from Horseware Ireland

How utterly comfortable does the Rambo Costy Stable rug look? With its cosy microfibre lining, close cut fleece neck padding to prevent drafts and thermobonded fiberfill for heat retention, it’s a great fit (and look) for any horse.

Breathable with v-front clip closure.

Size: 3’9 – 7’3

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