Smile You Are On Camera Waistcoat

smile you are on camera waistcoat

Smile You Are On Camera Waistcoat from Equisafety

From the Equisafety Air Waistcoat range comes this extremely practical garment with rear signage warning drivers that the rider has a camera in situ.

This fluorescent, Smile You Are On Camera Waistcoat from Equisafety, reflective and stylish waistcoat has been cut beautifully to ergonomically fit the body making it very comfortable to wear. Fastened by a strong front zip and, by utilising the touch & close fastening side straps, can be fully adjusted enabling it to be worn throughout the seasons over different thicknesses of clothing. Two front hidden zipped pockets are large enough for keys, mobile phone etc. Machine washable on a 30° wash using non-biological powder/liquid and hang to dry.

Colours: Orange, Yellow and Pink. Sizes: S (8-10): M (12-14): L (16-18): XL (18-20). RRP: £24.99

NOTE Orange size small (8/10) out of stock

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