Show Day Preparation

show day preparation

Preparation is a key element to a gleaming coat, mane and tail on show day. For the horse, the overall coat condition is one of the key factors judges look at when observing the horse, as well as many other points of course. A shiny horse, also indicates a healthy horse and with a flowing mane and tail, you’ll both be turning heads for all the right reasons.

We don’t want greasy patches, caused by last minute product application, so by preparing the horse’s coat well before the show you’re sure to outshine the rest on the day itself. A last minute shampoo the day before the show won’t earn you enough marks where it’s needed most.

Products can be used long before the night before to enhance the coat, mane and tail condition. Here we’ve rounded up a few items that we believe will help make show preparation a breeze for you and your horse.

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Shine from the inside out …


Prepare the horse’s coat and shine from the inside out with Aloeride, the organic natural aloe vera feed supplement, for a perfect bloom and shine.

Aloeride is a taste free versatile aloe vera supplement, which offers wide reaching health benefits from supporting a healthy immune system through to encouraging healthy summer skin, coat and hooves!

Fed in sachets, the supplement is used by leading show producers and judges, including Loraine Homer.

RRP £55.20 (30 servings)

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A must have for any professional's grooming box

Easy Groom Detangler

Easy Groom Detangler leaves hair smooth and tangle free, helping minimise hair damage and splitting caused by brushing. Designed with professionals in mind, for a high-performance result. Contains natural ingredients and vitamins (A, D and E).

Suitable for use on horses, dogs and cats.


Priced £7.99, Amazon

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You may also like …

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For coat maintenance, long before show day …

Supreme Products Hot Oil, 250 ml

Supreme Products Hot Oil is an excellent product for use when hot clothing the coat as it removes grease and dirt with ease. The oil contains UV protection, moisturising oils and collagen to help repair damaged coat and enhance shine.

Available in 250ml

From £10.17, Amazon

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When a quick fix is needed …

Supreme Products Blue Rinse

The Supreme Products Blue Rinse enhances the colour of white, grey, black, brown and coloured horse coats.

Can you used when shampooing isn’t necessary, perhaps as a quick fix before hitting the show ring. Also suitable as a final rinse for extra shine.

Available in 30g and 60g

Amazon from £9.25 including free delivery

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On the day, a must have accessory…

Renwick & Sons Quarter Mark Brush

Created in collaboration with International Showing Producer, Katie Jerram-Hunnable, the Renwick & Sons Quarter Mark brush boasts an ergonomic design and a choice of coloured adjustable leather straps which can also be personalised.

Incorporating anti-bacterial properties, which self-cleanse after use, the precision fill bristles are the perfect capacity and length to give your quarter marks that clean professional finish.

Presented in a beautiful gift box with ribbon.

RRP: £75 – £80

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