Should You Take up Horse Riding as a Hobby?

Should You Take up Horse Riding as a Hobby

Horse riding is one of the oldest activities known to man. Over the years of course, their uses have changed, however, it remains an important sport and leisure activity in many countries.

The US still remembers stories of cowboys and noble sheriffs. Horse riding remains a part of its culture and intrigues many to try it out; it has many interested in the activity. But, there are a few questions they should answer before deciding to take up horse riding as a hobby. Let’s get right into them.

Should You Take up Horse Riding as a Hobby

Do You Want To Get  Physically Healthier?

This hobby is an excellent choice for people who want to improve their health. Chances are that you spend all day studying with a hunched back and a lack of exercise. Such people can enjoy horse riding lessons while an essay writer online helps with their studies. There are several advantages this hobby can give:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Burning calories
  • Core strength

Taking up the activity will make the heart stronger. It will decrease the probability of stroke and other diseases. It’s also a great exercise for people suffering from hypertension. Controlling the animal requires a lot of physical strength and fitness. With each 45-minute session, you’ll burn as many as 200 calories.


Additionally, horse riding develops your core muscles (lower back, abs, and oblique). Regular lessons will improve one’s posture and make it easier to maintain balance. It’s a great workout for people who spend all day behind a desk and suffer from lower back pain.

Do You Want To Have Better Self-Esteem?

Besides the clear health benefits, horse riding is great for improving mental condition. People can often become overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. Horse riding reduces these feelings and has a therapeutic effect on riders. Aside from alleviating negative emotions, the hobby is a great character-building activity.

People turn to horse riding to better their self-esteem and improve confidence. It’s a great exercise that teaches riders to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Moreover, the sport helps people to focus on what matters now.

Because there’s something to learn every day, horse riding is a good choice for personal growth. It’s a great mindset that will have people becoming better versions of themselves. They will feel better and leave each lesson happier than when they arrived.

Do You Want To Meet New Friends?

Aside from the health benefits, riding horses is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. Instructors, barn employees, and other riders often talk to each other. There are always new things to discuss and learn about outside of horse riding. Still, others can provide extensive information about the activity.

There is much to learn about aspects of riding horses. It includes taking care of the horse and riding techniques. Over time these relationships can blossom into friendships. Becoming a part of the community will also make it easier for you to find new connections. It’s a great confidence booster for those lacking this character trait.

Besides making new connections, the hobby will make you better at handling animals. One can even find companionship in horses and call them their best friends. Like dogs, they are social animals that like interacting with people. Of course, you have to know how to work with them.

Do You Like The Outdoors?

Nowadays, many people spend the majority of their leisure time indoors. They stay glued to screens which provide an endless stream of entertainment. Horse riding is an excellent activity as it helps people escape from technology into the outdoors. Those who decide to pick up the sport will spend most of their time there.

Besides getting exercise, you’ll get plenty of fresh air and get a ride across scenic views on horseback. Various studies show that spending time outdoors makes people happier and healthier. That’s why people love hiking or getting out of crowded cities to be at peace with nature.

For many, there’s no better stress relief than staying outdoors. It makes them more relaxed and frees their mind of troubling thoughts. Horse riding gives this experience in the company of an animal and other riders.

Should You Take up Horse Riding as a Hobby

Do You Have The Funds?

This is the last but important question to answer. Unlike other healthy hobbies one can take up, horse riding requires a lot of time and money. On average, riding lessons can cost from 45$ to $80. Prices range based on state and city of residence. But, people can save some money by paying for group lessons. When taken professionally, this hobby can rank up to $4000 in yearly expenses.

That’s because riders not only pay for the instructors. They also provide horses with maintenance and grooming. This includes feeding, cleaning the stable, and other aspects of the hobby. Besides paying for lessons, one has to buy basic gear. These are not fashion accessories. Such things make the experience more enjoyable and even save their life.

There are several things you need to own to take up horse riding:

  • A pair of breeches that will reduce friction on the legs and backside
  • A body protector to keep you safe from falling off the horse
  • A good helmet that will negate any blunt trauma
  • A pair of riding gloves to keep hands from blistering from reigns

Of course, this list can be extended to extra items. But these basics are what everybody needs to make their rides safe and fun. There’s no need to go for the highest gear available. If you want to check out the sport, consult with those running the local horse stable. They can recommend things that won’t empty the wallet too much.


Horse riding is a demanding discipline that requires time and dedication. Take the time to think these questions over. If you’re ready to challenge yourself and answer yes to most of them, it’s the right hobby for you.

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