Second Trail Hunting Demonstration Proves a Success

Hunting Demonstration Day

The British Hound Sports Association (BHSA) has hosted a second demonstration of trail hunting, open to all supporters and opponents of the sport.

With the Fernie Hunt and South Notts Hunt in attendance, the event in Leicestershire demonstrated how hunts are following the letter of the law in their preparations for every hunt day and showed trail hunting working successfully.

Oliver Hughes, managing director of the British Hound Sports Association, said:

“We have to be open and show our sport to anyone with an interest, whether they are opposed to it, or unsure about how it works in practice. When hounds are seen in full cry across the country it is easy for some to assume they are hunting illegally when they are not.


“We must continue to demonstrate that trail hunting is properly managed, follows strict protocols and is a legal and ethical sporting activity.

“Last year there were more than 11,000 days of trail hunting, attended by many thousands of people up and down the country. Rural communities continue to enjoy the sport and the tradition. Wherever there is a hunt day, it is with permission of the landowner and it offers the opportunity for all followers to enjoy the work of the hounds and the skill of the huntsman in stunning countryside, whether they are on foot, in a car or on a horse.

“We expect all hunts to operate within the confines of the Hunting Act and if there is evidence that a hunt has not done so, we will take firm action. All hunts are also expected to adhere to the BHSA Code of Conduct .”

The BHSA aims to preserve, protect, and promote the future of hunting with hounds. The BHSA has accredited 242 foxhound, harrier, beagle, basset and stag hound packs in the United Kingdom. The BHSA supports trail hunting and exempt hunting and promotes the welfare and conservation of all hound breeds.

All accredited hunts adhere to the core principles of the BHSA and are at the heart of rural communities.

Across England’s trail hunting community, more than £460,000 for 92 charities has been raised during the course of the last season, to May 2023.

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