Train like Scott Brash with this new exciting platform …

Scott Brash MBE with horses and dog

Train like Scott Brash with this new exciting platform …

Did you know Olympic showjumper and well respected equestrian Scott Brash MBE has been busy during lockdown building a training platform to help riders like you with training at home?

In this article, Scott talks about how the idea of the training app came about, what to expect as a member, his future aspirations for the platform and more.

Experts in their field know that giving back to those who aspire to become better at what they do gives people a fighting chance of achieving their dreams. 

Historically, and still true to this day, our piers are not only people we admire but also those we learn the most from. 


In equestrianism, hours of hard work in the saddle are put in every month by amateur riders trying to achieve balance and successful communication with their ride to international superstars who look to master their trade. 

About Scott Brash 

Scott Brash MBE is an Olympic Gold Medallist, Former World Number 1 and the only rider in history to win the Rolex Grand Slam of Showjumping with the very talented, Hello Sanctos. Born and raised in Peebles, Scotland, from humble beginnings, Scott competes worldwide at the highest level in the sport without losing sight of where it all began; his love of horses. 

About the Scott Brash Training Platform 

The training platform has been designed, produced and created by Scott as an easy-to-access and affordable tool to help people of all ages and experiences who are passionate about horses. Users can purchase a one-off pass which gives them yearly access to 40 different tutorials, in which Scott talks, rides and teaches exercises used by him at home with his horses. 

The training platform is available on all devices – from desktop to tablet, meaning users can watch videos in the comfort of their own home or while on the go. Where relevant, exercises also have a downloadable PDF resource outlining, for example, distances and how best to set up various poles/jumps. 

How did the training platform idea come about? 

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time – I often get many people emailing in or messaging me, asking for advice or help. So I felt this was a way of answering as many questions as possible and being able to give back a bit of what I’ve learned along the way. I felt that if I had been able to access something like this when I was growing up, I would really have benefitted from it, so I hope others will find it useful too.


When lockdown happened, and we were all forced to stay home a little more, it gave me a pretty unique opportunity to take the time to put my thoughts on paper and work out what, and how, I wanted to do to be able to create this platform. As soon as restrictions allowed, we got to work filming, and finally – after a year in the making – here it is!

It’s pretty comprehensive looking from the outside; what does it include? 

There are approximately 40 tutorial videos available, all covering a wide range of topics. They can be watched at home on a desktop or at the yard on a phone or tablet. The tutorials are assigned categories – for example, you’ll see a segment on flatwork, pole work, gymnastic work, management and so on.

I have tried to make it inclusive and cover a broad range of topics, including many of the frequently asked questions, such as ‘how to see a stride’ and ‘how to work on roll backs’ as well as areas such as management. I feel this is so important to help improve the lives of horses – you can’t just teach one thing and expect results. It’s more of a 360 approach, I felt it was really important to discuss as many areas as possible. The platform is very much a project I feel passionate about, so I’d love feedback and ideas on what new tutorials to create to help people.

As well as the videos, I’ve included a stride table and individual distance plans, which are available as downloadable PDFs meaning you can set up the exercises yourself at home. Of course, every horse is different, so they will need to be adapted to suit, but you should have all the tools you need to set up and work through the exercises as you wish.

Do you need to be a Grand Prix potential to be able to benefit from the training platform? 

Definitely not! As well as covering many of the basics, the exercises you’ll see within the platform are pretty simple – it’s genuinely what I use at home. You can adapt all the exercises to your level, what your horse is comfortable with, and what size school or area you have. One of the main aims of this platform is to try and help as many people as possible across all levels, so everything is designed to be taken away, adapted and used by everyone.


One of the main aims of this platform is to try and help as many people as possible across all levels, so everything is designed to be taken away, adapted and used by everyone.”


What is your goal with this training platform? 

Ultimately it’s designed to help people and their horses, and it’s a way for me to be able to give back. Equestrianism and anything to do with horses means you’re constantly learning – I still am!

Although the videos aren’t always the smoothest because I’m not a natural-born presenter, I hope I can get the knowledge I have so far across in a way that most people can understand and relate to. There are a few fun moments, and not everything goes perfectly, but I feel it’s important for people to see the reality of what work needs to go into a successful partnership – rather than just the 60 seconds they see of me in the ring. Overall, if I can help improve peoples’ relationship and partnership with their horses, and inspire and help those who want to learn, then I’ve achieved my goal.

Training platform details / links

Further information and details on the Scott Brash Training Platform can be found via 


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