Saracen Horse Feeds celebrate 20-year partnership with Kentucky Equine Research

Saracen Horse Feeds are proudly celebrating an exclusive 20-year partnership with Kentucky Equine Research

Saracen Horse Feeds celebrate 20-year partnership with Kentucky Equine Research

  • Celebrations include exclusive series of seminars co-hosted with Kentucky Equine Research
  • Saracen Horse Feeds remain at the forefront of global performance nutrition
  • Scientific findings support move for cereal-free feeds

Saracen Horse Feeds are proudly celebrating an exclusive 20-year partnership with Kentucky Equine Research, World Leaders in Equine Research and Nutrition. Bridging the gap between the research community, the feed mill and the horse, Kentucky Equine Research delivers the very latest equine nutrition research and product development to every sack in the range produced by Saracen Horse Feeds. Saracen have been working closely with Kentucky Equine Research since 2001 and rely upon them for their unique expertise in feed formulation, ingredient technology and technical support to ensure every feed meets the nutritional needs of the modern equine athlete at all stages of life, development, and activity.

Founded in 1988 by President Dr. Joe D. Pagan, Ph.D., Kentucky Equine Research has one of the most prolific private equine research programmes in the world. They conduct independent research on equine nutrition and exercise physiology, and apply that knowledge with a research-led approach to the nutritional health, wellbeing and performance of all horses throughout their life.


Saracen Horse Feeds will be celebrating this special milestone with an exclusive series of seminars co-hosted with Kentucky Equine Research covering an extensive range of topics throughout the week of 15th-19th November. Registration for tickets is taking place on the Saracen Horse Feeds website with further details of the seminar subjects including Managing Muscle Myopathy and Understanding Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. The seminars promise to deliver an extra insight into the very latest research and development to some of the most prevalent subjects faced by horse owners today.

About the relationship

Throughout the exclusive 20-year relationship, the nutrition team at Saracen have worked alongside Dr Pagan and his technical staff at all stages of product development to ensure the nutritional integrity of the whole Saracen range. From their research centres in Lexington, Kentucky and Ocala, Florida, Kentucky Equine Research conducts extensive research trials targeting specific problems and finding nutritional solutions, including exercise studies, digestibility and palatability trials. This wealth of scientific research is an integral part of the success of the Saracen Horse Feeds range, which continues to remain at the forefront of global performance nutrition.

Dr Pagan commented on the nutrition science programme,

Kentucky Equine Research works with dozens of feed manufacturers worldwide to ensure that the latest findings in equine nutrition science are utilized in real-world feeding programs. We have worked with Saracen Horse Feeds in the U.K. for 20 years. Saracen is an excellent example of our partnership program at its best – we collaborate on studies, bring expertise in formulation, and provide custom software and technical service for their excellent team of nutrition advisors. We are excited to showcase the science behind this program through this series of webinars.”

This scientific resource extends to the custom blends of KER micronutrient vitamin and mineral premixes added to each feed to ensure that, when fed with appropriate forage and according to label directions, each Saracen Horse Feed will provide a diet balanced to Kentucky Equine Research specifications.

Combining the scientific findings with innovative ingredient formulation has seen renowned feeds like RE-LEVE®Mix support horses across the globe with not only the management of EGUS, but also with chronic muscle myopathies. It is the published scientific findings from Kentucky Equine Research which has uniquely placed this cereal-free feed as an innovator in feed management.

said John Rawdon-Mogg, Director at Saracen Horse Feeds:

Research and innovation have always been a vital part of the product development process at Saracen; it’s central to all that we do, and it’s vital that our feeds include scientifically proven formulas to support each horse’s individual requirements. On a daily basis, Kentucky Equine Research betters the lives of horses worldwide. The research that KER have provided us with over the past 20 years is testament to the success of the Saracen product range. We are delighted to launch an online seminar series together – the subject matter will give a real insight into the research behind the Saracen range, as well as the very latest findings in equine nutrition.”

For more information on the seminars, visit

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