Saddle Science or Pseudoscience

Saddle Science

Saddle Science is a relatively new field of study which; despite its infancy is gaining a phenomenal amount of attention and interest in the subject continues to grow.

So what is saddle science?

According to Research Director of Coast Performance Saddles Lisa Fay, Saddle Science is “the study of the interaction between the horse, rider and saddle using scientific methods and statistical analysis. In this article, Fay takes a look at the research surrounding the area and how, as a saddle manufacturer, they aim to improve the concept.

Many equine experts consider saddle fit to be one of the most important things to consider for the ridden horse and advancements in the field will help to improve horses lives and help protect them from long term damage.

Saddle Science - fitting a saddle

For such a pivotal aspect of horse riding there is a surprisingly limited amount of credible research into saddles and how they should actually fit our horses but industry leaders are pushing for change. Not only is the research limited but saddle design has struggled to keep up with the constantly evolving understanding of how saddles affect the horse.


A new era of horse owner

Fay believes that Saddle Science is becoming such a hot topic due to a new breed of horse owner, “todays horse owner is much more interested in the ‘why’” says Fay “why is he bucking, why is he lame, why can my horse no longer jump?, very often these problems are caused by long term damage from poorly designed and poorly fitted saddles. We are unveiling some pretty inconvenient truths about commonly accepted saddle fitting practices and unfortunately the industry hasn’t quite caught up”.

Saddle science is something Fay feels strongly about and her passion is what underpins the Coast Performance range of saddles.

When asked about the design Fay explained ”We (Coast Performance Saddles) have totally redeveloped the traditional English saddle to not only improve the rider’s position but also to ensure optimum comfort and freedom for the horse based on the most up-to-date research, something often overlooked in traditional saddle manufacture”.

People who ride in a well designed and well fitted saddle such as the Coast Performance Saddle find that their horses are have a better attitude towards their work, move more freely with less behavioral and lameness issues.

One clients said “Since changing to a Coast Performance Saddle my dressage scores have increased, my position has improved and my horse actually enjoys her work”

Changing something as simple as the saddle can have a dramatic impact on the horse and rider and ensuring a good fit can help protect both from long term damage.

Coast Performance Saddles are available internationally via and can be fitted by your local saddle fitter.

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