RSPCA Launch Investigation Into Neglected ‘Sanctuary’ Horses

RSPCA Launch Investigation Into Neglected ‘Sanctuary’ Horses


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RSPCA Launch Investigation Into Neglected ‘Sanctuary’ Horses

The RSPCA has launched an investigation into the neglected horses found at Team Thor Rescue, in Worcestershire.

Distressing footage showed emaciated horses in horrific conditions, without food or water. Some of the horses experienced further suffering in the hot conditions due to having rugs on.

The footage, filmed by a local horse-owner and one of the first people to the scene, also showed the revolting conditions the horses had been left in. The horses were not only surrounded by their own faeces but the carcass of a fellow herd-mate as well. A foal was also shown with foot deformities, associated with neglect.

The RSPCA promptly responded to the report, attending the scene accompanied by a vet, finding 17 horses. All the horses have now been voluntarily signed over to the RSPCA and will undergo the necessary care and rehabilitation needed before they are rehomed.


An RSPCA spokesperson said:

We responded to reports about these horses within hours of being called about them (on Saturday 14 July) and took a vet to the scene.

These horses had previously been rescued (not by the RSPCA) with various health issues and we understand they were under veterinary care with the hope they would recover.

The horses are currently being looked after by the RSPCA after they were voluntarily signed over into our care. Some of these horses were in good condition.

Twelve horses have now came into our care, which includes the horses in the footage. Sadly two of those have since been put to sleep.

We would like to thank members of the public who have raised concerns about these horses and those who have offered to help with their care. We cannot go into any further detail at this time as our work is ongoing.”

The RSPCA has confirmed that the horses were under the care of a separate welfare agency, unrelated to themselves. The horses were under the care of Team Thor Rescue, some of them undergoing veterinary care for various health conditions.

Although reports have suggested that some horses have been put to sleep, the RSPCA states that the claims are untrue. All horses rescued are still alive and will receive the necessary treatment and rehabilitation the RSPCA offers.

Image above taken from Facebook via a public post made by Jay Scott.

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