Roeckl Madrid Function Micro Mesh Review

Many riders prefer to wear a pair of gloves whilst riding and there is no doubt there are some significant benefits. A pair of riding gloves can provide you as a rider with a much better grip, which aids in helping to keep a secure feel on the reins. Gloves are also great for protecting your hands against the reins which can sometimes cause chaffing and burns. In the winter month’s gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm and circulation.

Let’s take a closer look at the Roeckl Madrid Function Micro-Mesh gloves and check out all that this brand has to offer.

Who is Roeckl?

Roeckl Sports are a German brand based out of Munich that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of equestrian gloves. As a family-run business, they have been providing specialist riding gloves since 1839 and are a well-known brand throughout the equestrian community.

They believe that hands are an important tool in delicately communicating between horse and rider and pride themselves on providing premium products at reasonable prices.

Key Features of the Roeckl Madrid Function Micro Mesh

Backhand Design

The Roeckl Madrid Function Micro-Mesh gloves are a sporty looking glove with a unique design. The glove is made with some of the finest materials and displays the metallic ROECKL lettering logo and narrow, colour contrasting borders in either gold or silver. We love the modern design and feel like these are a real head-turner. They definitely stand out from the normal bog standard glove offering from other brands.

Quality Materials

The back hand of this glove is especially lightweight and consists of soft Micro mesh which is ideal to keep your hands cool and dry during any training session. The designers have chosen Drytec G5 materials for the palm with a Slip Stop which guarantees real comfort and a perfect grip on the reins.

Comfort Cut

The Roeckl Madrid Function Micro-Mesh gloves have been specifically designed with the rider’s comfort in mind. Strategic trimming has taken place in all the key areas of the glove where sagging and bagginess is known to occur. A typical example of this is at the top of the index finger. I can’t tell you how many pairs of riding gloves I’ve owned where there are excess materials around the index finger.

Touchscreen Compatible

We can’t help but think that this glove is like the gift that just keeps on giving! If you’ve ever tried to use a mobile phone with a touch screen whilst wearing a pair of riding gloves, this one is for you! This glove has been cleverly designed to allow you to use your iPhone, SmartPhone, or any other touch screen device without needing to take off your gloves. This could be particularly helpful during an emergency whilst out hacking.


We couldn’t find fault with these riding gloves at all. If you are looking for a perfect, stand out design, good functionality, and comfort, all at an affordable price then you may have landed on your feet with the Roeckl Madrid Function Micro-Mesh gloves.

We love that these have been designed with a comfort cut because finding riding gloves that aren’t bagging in places and that fit your hand perfectly can be tricky.

The touchscreen compatibility has, however, sold these gloves to me. This is a fabulous addition to the already perfect glove and although you may not have much of a need to use your phone whilst schooling, going out for hack is another story. You never know when an emergency may arise and this product will allow you to use your phone with ease without the need to take off your gloves first.

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