Rio Olympics 2016 Equestrian coverage guide

Olympic Equestrian Team

Rio Olympics 2016 Equestrian coverage guide

The highly anticipated Rio 2016 Olympic games is nearly upon us, with 16 days of what promises to be a sensational showcase of sporting talent, from 205 different nations. The games will commence on Friday the 5th of August with a vibrant and electrifying opening ceremony, which will certainly exhilarate everybody’s taste buds for Olympic fever to take hold once again. The BBC will be broadcasting live every day on BBC1 and BBC 4, from 1pm to 3am as well as their being up to 24 live Olympic channels on the BBC sport website and BBC red button. The four-hour time difference from Rio to Britain means that a lot of the coverage will be continuing into the early hours of the morning, not something that particularly aligns with an equestrian lifestyle. The BBC1 morning show will provide a catch up show and BBC2 will replay last night’s coverage in full every morning. We have also compiled a schedule of the Rio 2016 Equestrian coverage, to ensure you don’t miss a hoof beat of the excitement.

Friday 5 August


23.40 – 04.00 : Opening Ceremony – Live on BBC One


Saturday 6 August   



14.00 – 20.00 :  Eventing, Dressage phase (Day 1)


Sunday 7 August


14.00 – 20.00 : Eventing, Dressage phase (Day 2)


Monday 8 August


14.00 – 18.20 : Eventing, Cross-Country phase


Tuesday 9 August


14.00 – 18.50 : Eventing, Showjumping phase


Wednesday 10 August


14.00 – 20.30 : Dressage, Grand Prix (Day 1)


Thursday 11 August


14.00 – 20.30 : Dressage, Grand Prix (Day 2)


Friday 12 August


14.00 – 20.20 : Dressage, Grand Prix Special


Thursday 14 August


14.00 – 17.30 : Jumping, Team and Individual Qualifier


Monday 15 August


14.00 – 17.30 : Dressage, Grand Prix Freestyle


Tuesday 16 August


14.00 – 17.27 : Jumping, Team Round One and Individual Qualifier


Wednesday 17 August


14.00 – 16.20 : Jumping, Team Final


Friday 19 August


14.00 – 15.40 : Jumping, Individual Final (first round)


17.30 – 18.20 : Jumping, Individual Final (second round)

Here at Everything Horse we wish all of our team GB athletes, those with two legs and with four, the best of luck. We look forward to supporting them and enjoying this momentous occasion, together as a proud Equestrian nation.

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