Mud-Eze Cream from Excel Tried and Tested

Mud Eze Cream from Excel

Review Mud-Eze Cream from Excel Repel

Mud=Eze cream from Excel Repel put to the test…

Despite the worst of the winter being behind us, we’ve been left with muddy fields, boggy ditches and huge puddles of water filling fields for as far as the eye can see. As many of us know, mud harbors bacteria; horses skin when left exposed to excessively wet conditions will weaken, can become chapped and is more susceptible to infection.

There are several products on the market that have been designed to assist in the protection of the skin to help prevent damage and infection. This month we reviewed Excel Repel Mud-eze cream, to see how effective it was against protecting the horse’s leg against excessive exposure to wet and muddy ground.

Product – Mud-Eze Cream

Excel Repel boasts two products within their current range that have been formulated to protect the horses leg from mud and to combat problems, caused by mud. Mud-Eze Creme acts as a preventative measure, where as the Mud-Eze Cream Excel is an anti microbial soothing cream for skin that has already been damaged. Here, we have trailed the Mud Eze Cream only.


Overall application

The cream spreads easily, and freely around the horses pastern, without fuss or clumping. There appears to be no build up of product over time, although as with any cream, we would always advise washing the feet at least once a week, with a mild antiseptic followed by thoroughly drying.

‘Easy to apply, a product where a little goes a long way’

We found, the morning after applying the cream to the horse, any mud that had stuck to the leg had fell away overnight, with surrounding areas where it hadn’t been applied, still need brushing.

In it for the long-haul

When applied, the horse’s legs were sufficiently protected for the duration of the time in the field; when dried and brushed down the skin was supple and smooth without inflammation, tenderness or any sore areas. Ideal for horses without a lot of feather, the Mud-Eze product would be suitable for ongoing use throughout the wetter months to assist in the protection of the skin.

RRP £8.29 250ml or best value £10.99 500ml

Mud Eze Cream from Excel
Mud Eze Cream from Excel

Product Information

Mud-eze Cream has been developed as a waterproof barrier cream to help protect the legs of horses exposed to mud and rain.

Mud-eze cream is a barrier and soothing cream, which enhances the skin’s natural protective barrier, while also acting as a mild antiseptic to keep germs at bay whilst fighting against mud fever.

Ingredients: benzyl benzoate to soothe and moisten; liquid paraffin and waxes to moisten and form a waterproof barrier; glycerin to soften hard skin and scabs; allantoin to support new growth; sulphur as a gentle and effective germicide, and natural oils

Application: Stir contents thoroughly and apply daily to the legs and feet of horses and Mud-eze cream will act as an effective barrier against wet and muddy conditions. If skin is dry or scabs are already present massage into existing scabs and let them remove themselves naturally as the new skin layers grow underneath. We recommend letting mud dry gently so avoid excessive washing and shampooing. We also recommend letting hair grow in winter as the hair can help water run off from the barrier cream.

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