Rescued Pony Delivers Gorgeous Colt Foal

World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm

Rescued Pony Primrose Delivers Gorgeous Colt Foal

In the face of adversity, rescued pony Primrose has delivered a gorgeous colt foal.

Based at the World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset, Primrose was rescued from an abandoned herd, suffering from severe photosensitivity.

The little cremello cob mare delivered the foal in the early hours of the morning, in a special field at the centre that is reserved for mares to give birth. The grooms were delighted to meet the new addition when they did their early morning checks, shortly after coming on duty.

In recognition of their generous support, the team at World Horse Welfare have given the honour of naming Primrose’s foal to Alltech and their UK Marketing Manager, Isla Baker-Browne was thrilled to reveal they have decided to call him, Teddy.

Said Isla:

He is such a little sweetie and with his fluffy ears, the name Teddy just seemed to fit perfectly.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for both Primrose and Teddy.”

Although Primrose is a friendly mare, she was initially very protective of her foal, and kept him at a safe distance from the other horses. However, she soon grew confident enough to introduce Teddy to her groom Fern Laurie, who was even allowed to give the little colt a little scratch. The pair now come trotting up every time she enters the field.

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At first sight Teddy doesn’t appear to have inherited his mums’ pink skin, meaning that it is unlikely that he will develop the same condition that has caused Primrose so much distress.

Fern said:

Primrose is doing a wonderful job looking after Teddy and is also being firm when needed to teach him good manners. We are all very excited to have such a lovely foal on the farm.

Primrose is also an example of the number of mares that come into the care of World Horse Welfare in foal, effectively a ‘two for one’ that places a huge drain on the charity’s resources.

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