Rein & Shine seeks sponsorship to offer FREE equine-assisted learning to autistic children

Rein & Shine seeks sponsorship to offer FREE equine-assisted learning to autistic children

Rein & Shine seeks sponsorship to offer FREE equine-assisted learning to autistic children

On May 7th, 2018, Hoof Club, part of Rein and Shine equestrian centre in North Wiltshire, is offering free equine-assisted learning for autistic children in support of the National Autistic Society (NAS).

Hoof Club is running this event for the benefit of the community on a not for profit basis and is seeking help from local companies and the community to help fund it. Any profits will be donated to the National Autistic Society.

A JustGiving page has been set up for anyone that would like to donate: and companies wishing to sponsor should get in touch with Rein and Shine directly.

This unique opportunity is offering 80 autistic children in the community a chance to experience the many benefits equine-assisted learning has to offer. The free sessions will take place at Rein & Shine’s wonderful facility near to Swindon and will last around two-hours. The sessions will consist of 30-minutes of riding and a contact and care session lasting 45-60 minutes to include basic welfare and safety.

This free service is being provided via schools as, among

Priprietor Jo McDonald
Priprietor Jo McDonald

other benefits, equine assisted learning is proven to be very therapeutic and educational to those on the spectrum. Whilst supporting the children, Rein and Shine is also hoping to raise funds for NAS.

“Horses can hugely benefit children with autism and we want to give them a chance to experience this help without any associated costs,” said Johanna McDonald, who owns and runs Rein & Shine with husband John McDonald.

“I have never seen a child with learning difficulties act negatively towards a horse or even the staff on the yard. They seem to become truly engaged and absorbed around the horses and their focus is phenomenal. It helps the children forget the number of challenges they must deal with daily as they become emerged in the equine activity of riding, grooming and care. Those that are nervous around the horses seem to conquer this fear incredible quickly and we see them become more resilient and less anxious. The levels of personal growth, concentration, confidence and even teamwork improves enormously,” continued Johanna.

“Horses have been proven effective in creating an emotional healing bond and improving cognitive, language, motor and social skills. For many children, the bond developed with horses can help promote self-awareness in their everyday life which can give them the confidence to learn other skills outside of the equine world.”

If you have or know of a child educated in Swindon or North Wiltshire area that may qualify for this activity you should contact their school directly and ask them to get in touch with Rein & Shine: 01666 860068 |

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