Redwings Ponies Make Their Television Debut

Redwings Ponies Miss Muffet and Tinkerbell are camera ready!

Redwings Ponies Make Their Television Debut

A couple of Redwings’ ponies made a special appearance on ITV’s Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh just before Christmas to highlight the charity rehoming scheme and to talk more about the vital care provided to rescued horses and ponies.

Shetland pony Tinkerbell and her best friend Miss Muffet had travelled from their home at Redwings’ Ada Cole Visitor Centre, outside Harlow in Essex, to meet the popular television host and gardener on Manor Farm in Hampshire.

Redwings team members Hollie Palmer and Jude Palmer with Tinkerbell and Miss Muffet[1].JPG
Redwings team members Hollie Palmer and Jude Palmer with Tinkerbell and Miss Muffet

They were joined by Welsh pony Redwings Puck, who was rehomed from Redwings six years ago, alongside his Guardian, Victoria Gange-Parry.

Despite some winter rain, their carers enjoyed a chat with Alan in one of the farm’s paddocks about the vital work of the charity and its rehoming scheme.

Tinkerbell was born at Redwings in 2008 after her mum Elsie was rescued from appalling neglect at Spindle Farm, Amersham. Elsie and over 100 other horses, ponies and donkeys, including Miss Muffet, had been left without basic care, food and water.

Redwings Puck with Guardian Victoria Gange-Parry
Redwings Puck with Guardian Victoria Gange-Parry

Today, Adoption Star Tinkerbell is available to sponsor through Redwings’ Adoption Scheme which helps to support the care of all the residents living at the Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Puck was rescued from the Welsh commons in 2004 when he was discovered in poor condition and struggling to survive.

Hollie Palmer, Yard Manager at Redwings Ada Cole who featured in the programme, said: “It was wonderful to meet Alan and have the opportunity to introduce him to some of our rescued ponies.

“While it was a fun day, we really appreciated his interest in what Redwings does to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome horses and donkeys that have suffered neglect or abuse, and for his help in bringing that to a national audience.

“Without the support of the public, Tinkerbell, Miss Muffet and Puck would not be enjoying the fairytale endings they do today, so we hope their stories have inspired others to make a donation or sponsor one of our rescued residents this Christmas so we can help more horses in need, now and in the future.”

Alan Titchmarsh speaks with Redwings team member Jude Palmer
Alan Titchmarsh speaks with Redwings team member Jude Palmer

The full episode, which aired on Sunday 19th December, is available to watch on the ITV Hub here

A record-breaking year

This year, the teams at Redwings have so far rehomed 128 ponies to new Guardians, up over 50% on 2020’s total of 84.

As the charity continues its frontline welfare work throughout the pandemic, it has offered a safe home to 132 rescued horses and donkeys in need of their care and veterinary expertise this year, meaning that for the first time the charity is on course to rehome one horse for every horse rescued in 2021.

Rachel Angell, Redwings’ Head of Norfolk Equine Operations, who heads up the rehoming scheme, said: “As the Sanctuary has been operating at capacity for many years, this milestone is an important one, and emphasizes that one of the most important ways we can continue to help more horses in need is to try and make space through rehoming.

“2021’s record figure is a testament to the hard work of our teams throughout the Sanctuary who work tirelessly to rehabilitate our rescued horses so they can go on to enjoy lives in Guardian homes.

“Despite the challenges we continue to face with rehoming in the pandemic, our team are doing a fantastic job of finding long-term, loving homes for our rescued horses. We hope that even more people will consider rehoming from a registered charity next year.”

To find out more visit redwings.

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