Recognising Trauma in Horses webinar encourages engagement with live Q&A

Recognising Trauma in Horses: A Neuroscience Perspective webinar

A Recognising Trauma in Horses webinar, hosted by the World Horse Welfare on Wednesday 13 March (7pm), will welcome neuroscientist, Dr Emma Lethbridge and equine behaviourist, Justine Harrison.

Emma and Justine will also be on hand to answer your questions in a live Q&A, you can register your attendance for here.

World Horse Welfare’s incredibly popular webinars have grown to over 50 thought-provoking subjects and all are available free to view on the newly updated World Horse Welfare Advice Pages. Topics this year have included such diverse themes as social media and horse welfare, managing arthritic changes in ridden horses, understanding aggression and nutrition myths and marketing.

Emma is part neuroscientist, part horse fanatic. She is fascinated by the equine brain and how horses perceive and respond to their world. Having 32 years of experience in the equine field, Emma has ridden since she was four and has since enjoyed four wonderful family horses. Emma’s professional career includes a MSc in neuroscience and a PhD in neuropsychology; working on professional yards, directing at an equine learning centre, teaching riding, and helping many people with their horse’s behaviour.


Justine is a Certified Equine Behaviour Consultant with the IAABC, the organisation’s UK Co-Chair and a member of the Application Review Committee. She is also a registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist and Trustee of the Animal Behaviour & Training Council. Justine is a visiting lecturer on the BSc (Hons) Equine Behavioural Science degree at ARU Writtle (formerly Writtle University College) and also acts as an expert consultant in court cases involving equine behaviour.

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