Police horse attacked by dog inundated with treats from public

Police horse attacked by dog - image retrieved from statement on Met Police Taskforce Twitter

A police horse attacked by a dog in London’s Victoria Park on Wednesday, 23rd March, has received copious amounts of treats and apples from well-wishing members of the public.

The video, which went viral on social media last week, shows the American Bulldog XL owned by Hakan Niyazi, attacking the horse while a patrolling officer was on board.

Both horses on patrol tried to flee the attack, while PH Urbane sustained multiple injuries in extremely upsetting scenes. The dog’s owner attempted to regain control of the dog. After around 3-4 minutes, a member of the public managed to take hold and force the dog away from the horse.


Police horse attacked Victoria Park, Hackney by American Bulldog XL. Dog seized, horse is in recovery but doing well.

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Immediately after the dog was gripped, the patrolling officer dismounted the horse and shouted “get a lead on that dog now”. The young dog, who is believed to be around a year old, remains in the care of the police kennels.

While Urbane was seen trying to resist the dog’s attack he is now receiving treatment for multiple injuries to his front legs, chest and under belly. Met Police Taskforth has announced he is expected to return to his role after full recovery. The police officer was unharmed.

Police horse attacked by dog – feature image retrieved from statement on Met Police Taskforce Twitter.

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