Pegasus Jewellery Review – Mens Leather Snaffle Bracelet


Pegasus Jewellery Review

The Pegasus Jewellery collection encompasses a variety of beautifully designed items including pendants, earrings, bracelets, stock pins, rings and a selection of other items. Founder Kim Wilson found herself inspired by young daughter Charlotte and her lead rein pony, Millie to launch the equestrian themed range during 2014. Kim’s family has been involved in selling jewellery since 1909.

Mens Leather Snaffle Bracelets, New for 2016

Pegasus jewellery has recently launched into the mens market with a Leather Snaffle Bracelet, just in time for father’s day!

The leather is of excellent quality and won’t stain when wet. The clasp is magnetic, which at first made us unsure how this would wear, but over a considerable period of time this unusual style of fastening failed to budge! It’s unique ‘twist to release’ mechanism adds to the overall quality of the item..


Lightweight and certainly not one for pinching arm hair, the piece that takes centre stage here is the stainless steel snaffle bit. Tastefully decorated with the Pegasus branding, on the side of each bit ring, the bracelet is guilty however of adding to the quintessential equestrian look.

Unisex – Pssst, girls…’ll too be able to wear this item! Stylish yet not too masculine the bracelet admittedly looks good on either a male or female wrist.

pegasus jewellery review - stainless steel bit snaffle
Pegasus Jewellery Review – Mens Snaffle Bit Bracelent

Key points

Easy to take off and to put back on

Delivered securely, item placed in attractive velvet pouch (perfect for giving as a gift)

Suitable for multiple occasions


Secure fastening

Excellent quality leather

Centre snaffle bit piece perfectly in proportion

Stainless Steel so no tarnishing to fastening or bit



Item information

RRP £39.95

Available in black or brown

Sizes: 20cm & 21cm


For the full collection please visit or you can alternatively view items via the Pegasus Facebook Page

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