PDS Saddles Collab with Carl Hester and Launch the PDS Brioso

PDS Brioso saddle with Carl Hester MBE

Renowned for crafting exceptional dressage saddles in collaboration with the esteemed Carl Hester MBE, PDS Saddles is delighted to unveil its latest masterpiece, the PDS Brioso.

Representing the culmination of extensive design and development efforts spanning several months, the PDS Brioso promises to establish the perfect connection between horse and rider. Working with UK SMS Master Saddlers, a leading US equine body worker (and SMS saddle fitter) together with Carl’s unparalleled expertise in discerning nuances in movement and balance, the saddle has features that elevate both its fit and performance.

The Brioso mono flap saddle is possibly one of the most adaptable dressage saddles on the market. With independent Jacob’s wool flocked panels, it prioritises flexibility in fitting and provides enhanced shock absorption for both horse and rider. The girthing system features three billet straps, including a point strap for customisable solutions tailored to the horse’s needs.

Using the patented PDS X-Change interchangeable gullet plate system also allows for adjusting the saddle’s fit to accommodate weight changes or muscle development. No need to send back to the manufacturer for width changes, so offers a time and cost-effective solution for horse owners.


The PDS Brioso showcases an elegant skirt design adorned with intricate stitch details, meticulously crafted from the finest quality, naturally tanned, pigmented double leather, ensuring a secure grip and a luxuriously supple feel. The rider will find the softly padded seat, built on a carbon fibre tree supports them, but isn’t restrictive, enabling the thigh to gently hang with comfortable thigh/knee blocks to strengthen the rider’s position. Custom details are available including short or long flaps, black or white stitching and patent, snakeskin, croc or even sting-ray leathers for the back cantle panel.

Brioso is named after one of Carl’s horses who was possibly the most difficult to fit and this saddle is a testament to making a piece of equipment that sits on even the most difficult to fit dressage horse! With so many options for a saddle fitter to give the rider balance and a horse freedom, Brioso has proven to be a winner in recent trials with various riders of all proportions and horses of all conformation.

Carl Hester endorses the PDS Brioso, stating, “It gives the horse freedom of movement, is totally adjustable on-site, and comes at a very competitive price.”

TRADE NEWS: PDS Brioso saddles are held in stock in the UK with a 48 hour delivery. Stock sizes: 17 & 17.5” in a MW fit. For custom orders there is a 3-week lead time. Gullet plates are also held in stock for saddle fitters. Brioso uses the Series I X-Change gullet plates.

All PDS Saddles are in sizes 16.5” 17”, 17.5” and 18” and are available in Black.


PDS Brioso RRP £4,200


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