One crazy idea, why? – Anne’s Mongol Derby II

Here, in her second contribution, Anne talks about her struggles and how she’s overcome problems with anxiety and other health issues she’s faced over the last 10 years.

One crazy idea, why? – Anne’s Mongol Derby II

We all know you must be a kind of crazy to want to go to Mongolia to ride on over 25 half-wild local horses. Crazy is not always a bad thing though! So what did move me to take on this adventure?

Well, to be honest, I have had a lot of ‘downs’ lately. Like the past 10 years or so. Suffered from a burnout, got diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome at 19 years old, big seasonal depressions and I suffer from anxiety attacks. Well that does not sound all that well, right? How can someone like me possibly take on the derby?

That’s the magic! The derby is not only about an adventure for myself, I want to inspire people, to almost take people with me on this journey. 

I’m not a very fit person, for western society as it is now. I especially get overwhelmed, input is a big thing for me for which my anxiety follows rapidly. I have an assistance dog to guide me through those type of days. He is amazing and a life saver. I will get fit, go to Mongolia, ride this race, enjoy every second of it and prove the world people can be strong as well as resilient! It is about more than horse riding to me. This is why there is also charities involved with the derby.

Getting to ride horses and being so close to nature, I feel will be an amazing experience! More about those horses next time though, for now, should you want to help me to Mongolia please pop along to my fundraiser page. It’s in Dutch, but I’ll be sure to cover everything in English here as well.

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