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Nina Barbour is one busy lady. Heralded for the outstanding success that is Bolesworth International Horse Show, while also ensuring the smooth running of the family’s 6,000 acre estate and the many businesses in the surrounding Cheshire countryside including Harthill Stud.  Read on to find out more about this fascinating, hardworking young woman as we count down to this year’s show – June 14 to 18.

Nina Barbour Bolesworth Estate Director of Events, Chester, Cheshire.
Nina Barbour, show president, poses in front of the Echo Arena where the Liverpool International Horse Show is held.

Bolesworth International Horse Show looks set to be bigger and better this year with the new title that encompasses a family feel supported by top class equestrian action.

Here Nina takes time out from her busy schedule to tell us more about a typical day and what drives her to succeed in all aspects of her life.

Nina, can you tell us about a ‘typical’ day?

I try to be on a horse before 8am and ride up to four when I am at home.  Riding is a very important part of my life and I get a lot of satisfaction from producing horses and competing.  After riding I catch up with my emails, can have various meetings to attend for Bolesworth International, Harthill Stud, the estate and now Liverpool International.  In the evening I try to catch up with friends for dinner locally but I am also away quite a lot and the last 12 months have been very busy.


How you do divide your time between the various businesses you are involved in?

It is really just as and when I need to be in a meeting or part of the decision making process that I get more involved.  The overall strategy for all the businesses are in place and the various teams work hard to make it all happen.  Mum is very involved in all aspects and I catch up with her a couple of times a week or when we feel we need to.

Nina Barbour

Where did it all start when you decided to develop Bolesworth International?

We ran the national show for six years and as I started to compete and travel more I saw how fantastic some of the shows abroad were and what both competitors and spectators wanted from a competition format and venue.

I decided there was a massive opportunity here and wanted to make a big impact.  When I was at Dublin in 2013 I was sat with Daisy Bunn and Nick Skelton who said in order to make it work we had to have an international arena with a surface and from there we started to work with Andrews Bowen who did a fantastic job at Bolesworth.

Where do you get your energy and passion from?

From a Bolesworth International point of view it is the fact myself and the team want it to be the very best show possible.  Also bringing the event to our home at Bolesworth Castle is incredibly special.

How do you like to enjoy any spare time?

When there is time I enjoy running, going to the gym and keeping fit in general.  I also enjoy socialising with friends and going out for meals.


Which other members of the family are involved in day to day business life?

I work closely with mum on all aspects of the business and she is also very supportive with the horses.  My sister Cleo is also involved and is there for when I need to chat decisions through.

To find out more about horse show, and/or to buy tickets for this year’s event, visit the Bolesworth International website here.


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