New Year’s Resolutions from Top Riders, What’s Yours?

Lucinda Fredericks by Ana Sewell

New Year’s Resolutios from Top Riders, What’s Yours?


New Year’s Resolutions ….. Whether it’s to be healthier, less indulgent or to take more time out, here are some of our top professional rider’s New Year’s Resolutions (We wonder if they can keep them?!)..


“I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, but my weakness is chocolate, so lots of sitting trot and visiting the gym, so the horses don’t start telling me off for having to much of a sweet tooth!”

Bobby Hayler, senior international Grand Prix dressage rider, courtesy of Dressage Deluxe



New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions - Austin O'Connor Photo Libby Law
Austin O’Connor Photo Libby Law

“My New Years resolution is to eat healthier…I might not be the tallest guy but it’s only fair on the horses I try to keep as trim as possible!

Austin O’Connor, Olympic Event Rider, courtesy of Childéric Saddles


“My New Years resolution would be to get fitter. I’ve put on a few pounds recently for which my friends are taking the micky out of me so that will be my main one”


Anthony Condon, show-jumper, courtesy of Childéric Saddles

“I don’t particularly make New Years resolutions, I just always try to look at the positives from the year before and learn from the mistakes”

Maria Eilberg, international dressage rider courtesy of Shadow Horse

“To organize my time better!!”

Fiona Bigwood, international dressage rider, courtesy of Childéric Saddles

“My New Years resolution is to give up wine during the week, it has become far to routine to pour my glass of wine when I get in!”

Lucy Cartwright, international dressage rider courtesy Aloeride


“My New Years resolution: Drink less fizzy drinks before all my teeth fall out (I think this has probably been my resolution for the last three years but it doesn’t appear to have worked so far!)

Becky Moody, international dressage rider courtesy of Childéric Saddles

“Try not to complain so much in the strength and conditioning suite at university during my personal training sessions, it might make the whole experience a little more enjoyable for everyone!”

Maisie Scruton, young dressage rider, courtesy of Childéric Saddles

‘To carry on doing my best, to keep smiling and loving what I do! 2016 is a big year for me aiming for Rio so with all the extra preparations I want to ensure I keep my cool and give my horses the best preparation we can have. It’s exciting times ahead!!”

Natasha Baker, Multi Gold Medallist Paralympic Dressage Rider courtesy of Golly Galoshes


“I don’t do New Years resolutions normally, so will start by making a New Years resolution to make a New Years resolution”

Jock Paget, International eventer courtesy of Childéric Saddles

New Year’s Resolutions

Eventer Victoria Bax photo Thoroughbred Sports Photography
Eventer Victoria Bax photo Thoroughbred Sports Photography 

New Year’s Resolutions

“My New year resolution to do more BS jump practice in 2016!”

Victoria Bax, eventer and ex-racehorse trainer, courtesy of Golly Galoshes and Aloeride &

“I don’t really go in for New Year resolution, but I will be aiming to get myself lean and fit for the season so I can go out and win!”

Gemma Tattersall, international event rider, courtesy of Childéric Saddles & Timothy Foxx &


“Not to have so many horses and ponies over the winter next year! Too much mud!”

Loraine Homer, Top show rider & producer, courtesy of Aloeride


“Well that would have to be to win the award for the most stylish trot up out fit when I am out on the international eventing circuit!”

Harriet Upton, top eventer, courtesy of Timothy Foxx

New Year’s Resolutions

“Read more. TV, phones and computers always seems to take over and recently I have begun reading a sports psychology book ‘That Winning Feeling’ by Jane Savoie, because of a recommendation from a client and it is so insightful.. It will certainly have more benefit to me than watching X Factor!!! So I plan to read much more before technology takes over me! “

Jess Thompson, Dressage rider, courtesy of Freddie Parker

New Year’s Resolutions


Lucinda Fredericks by Ana Sewell
Lucinda Fredericks Image by Ana Sewell 

New Year’s Resolutions

“Eat less sweets and much less Hellmans mayo!”

Lucinda Fredericks, International eventer, courtesy of Safe-Care Equine 

“Enjoy training my horses everyday (Whatever the weather) and to get them competing at small tour”

Amy Stovold, international dressage rider, courtesy of Equetech



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