New Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Boot

Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Boot by Marcus Ehning

New Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Boot

The NEW Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Boot by Marcus Ehning has been developed to provide the very best protection, by extending the protective surface of the gel and carbon from the flexor tendon to the fetlock in an innovative inverted Y shape.

The carbon outer shell is not only ultra-lightweight, it is also highly resistant to shocks especially in the areas of the tendon and fetlock, which are more at risk of knocks and bangs from other legs.


The Nitrexgel membrane is able to dissipate impacts by over 40% ensuring additional safety of your horses’ legs.

Specifically designed for showjumping, these boots collect all the legacy and characteristics of the Vento line, whilst maintaining the characteristic double ventilation. This double ventilation along with the Aerox micro perforated neoprene inner ensures an exceptional degree of breathability and comfort.



Wider, stronger, safer – the Absolute is the new frontier of absolute protection signed by Marcus Ehning.

The new Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute is available in Black or Brown, in sizes Medium or Large with a price of £215 for the front tendon boots and £169 for the hind fetlock boots.

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