New Online Saddle Club offers riders expertise advice

Wise Owl Equitation launch The Saddle Club

New online club gives riders access to the tools they need to improve riding performance and confidence in the saddle.

A new online saddle club is giving amateur riders access to the expertise and guidance of riding coaches, personal trainers, sports psychologists and professional riders to help them learn and improve. It also provides a support network of like-minded people, all dedicated to improving their riding performance and sharing their ups and downs. 

The Saddle Club from Wise Owl Equitation was launched in 2022 to complement the company’s original offer of online lessons from leading instructors and coaches. As well as training, riders are often in need of support in other areas to help them achieve their full potential or simply enjoy their riding free from fear and stress. Those issues might include a lack of confidence in their ability or fear stemming following a bad fall or other accident. 

Professional riders have teams of coaches, PTs, sports phycologists and physios dedicated to their support. Most riders won’t have the resources and budgets needed for that kind of professional support. However, through the Saddle Club, which costs £11.99 a month, they can get the access to the support they need to thrive. The club gives them access to world class training, informative content and resources covering everything from how to approach their first advanced dressage test to mindset work, self-hypnosis, and fitness videos.


The Saddle Club includes the following benefits for its members:

● A monthly online masterclass from leading riders and guest experts. Recent guests include legendary eventer Jonty Evans and an international FEI dressage coach. 

● Admin fee-free access to the core Wise Owl Equitation offering of virtual training with top class international trainers, saving them £40 if they train once a week.

● Access to rider confidence and mindset coaching along with practical tools such as self-hypnotherapy recordings to help overcome common confidence issues.

● Unlimited access to online rider-specific workouts to boost fitness, strength and flexibility in the saddle.

● Entry to an online community (hosted on Facebook) where members support each other, share their goals, access helpful content, ask questions and can watch replies of masterclasses. 

● Exclusive discounts and savings from both equestrian and non-equestrian brands

The Saddle Club from Wise Owl Equitation is an inclusive group with members ranging from professional producers and riders to happy hackers and everything in between. Some members are returning to the sport after having children, others are recovering from injury, and some are hoping to scale new heights in their training. The subscription can be cancelled at any time with no contract or fees and is available to riders based anywhere in the world. 

About Wise Owl Equitation

Wise Owl Equitation is an online platform which connects riders and horse owners with top class trainers anywhere around the world, thanks to video streaming technology. The platform allows a rider based in the deepest Australian outback to improve their riding with the help of a dressage trainer based in Germany, or an American show jumper to source training from a French coach. 

Wise Owl Equitation’s website can be used by horse owners in two different ways:

1. By live streaming a video to the coach, with feedback provided to the rider via a Bluetooth earpiece while they are in the saddle. 

2. By uploading a video recording of a training session for the coach to review. The coach then provides feedback on the rider and their horse with pointers for their next training session.

Riders browse the website to learn more about the different coaches and instructors available and then connect with the one/ones which suit them best. 

To learn more about The Saddle Club visit 

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