NEW Non-invasive Equine Allergy Test

A horse with hives

NEW Non-invasive Equine Allergy Test

New UK Specific Non-invasive Equine Allergy Test

A new range of equine allergy tests developed focusing on plant allergen species native to the UK has been launched. The new SENSITEST® equine allergy test is the only UK specific allergy test available to horse owners, via their veterinary practice, and as a simple blood test it does not require clipping and has no adverse reactions, says Janice Hogg, senior veterinary director at Avacta Animal Health.

In the development trials, allergens were selected that showed significant levels of reactivity in horses with clinical signs associated with allergic disease, says Ms Hogg. “Whilst many providers of allergy tests are reducing their offering to provide only a global range of allergens, this research has shown it is vital to include native species of allergenic plants and insects.

“The new test, which includes allergens such as orchard grass, daisy, dandelion, nettle, horse chestnut, as well as insects including mosquito and horse fly, provides UK vets and their clients with a viable alternative to intradermal testing (IDT). And the non-invasive test is ideal for horse owners who want to avoid clipping and adverse reactions,” she adds.


“It is not necessary to withdraw medications (except high dose corticosteroids) for the standardised procedure, which has excellent consistency and is not influenced by existing skin diseases,” concludes Janice.

For more information on SENSITEST equine allergy tests, speak to your veterinary surgeon.