New Mini-Series Focusses on Fitting Saddles and Bridles

Fit For Welfare with The Society of Master Saddlers Series on H&CTV.

Fit For Welfare with The Society of Master Saddlers Series on H&CTV. 

The Society of Master Saddlers has teamed up with Horse & Country TV to produce an educational five-part mini-series all about fitting saddles and bridles.

Each episode in the Fit For Welfare with The Society of Master Saddlers series covers a different topic. The focus of the series is the welfare of the horse and the integral part a saddle and bridle fitter play in keeping the horse happy and comfortable.

Episode oneWho is the SMS?

In this first episode as well as finding out who The Society of Master Saddlers are and why it’s important to use an SMS qualified saddle and bridle fitter, you’ll also discover what to expect from a saddle fitting appointment and how to care for your tack. 

Episode two: Conformation With Saddlery Fit In Mind

Horses come in all shapes and sizes and affects the fit of the saddle and bridle. This episode helps you understand what the bridle and saddle fitter will consider to ensure the horse is as comfortable as possible.

Episode three: Saddle Fitting Know How

In the third episode you’ll understand the key points the saddle fitter will look at when they are fitting a saddle to the horse. Also, it covers the importance of the saddle fitting the rider too. 

Episode four: Bridle Fitting Know How


Discover the basic checks to make to ensure that the bridle fits the horse as comfortably as possible. This episode also highlights some of the signs that may indicate the horse isn’t comfortable.

Episode five: When To Call Your Saddle Fitter

The final episode covers key indicators to look out for that tell you it’s time to get the fit of the saddle checked.

The series is available to view on

For further information contact The Society of Master Saddlers


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