NEW EquiBiome Test Kit Removes the Guess Work from Gut Health

NEW EquiBiome Test Kit

EquiBiome is leading the way in gut health and providing horse owners with a snapshot of the internal microbial community which is linked to health, temperament, energy levels, nutrient availability, and vitamin production.

The test kit is simple to use (collection of a faecal sample) and allows a sophisticated analysis of hind gut bacteria using Illumina MiSeq which is the most accurate and up to date technology, preferred by genomic researchers around the world.

This analysis generates a detailed report on your horse’s gut health, along with feeding recommendations to improve good bacteria. Rebalancing the gut is much easier if you know what and where these imbalances are. Scientific research has linked every common gastrointestinal health problem to the gut bacteria.

Sharon Smith of EquiBiome said:

The EquiBiome report removes the guess work around what to feed your horse, identifies the bacteria causing the imbalances, and will guide you to improve health and performance by increasing the good bacteria with management and diet.

Our customers range from racehorse trainers looking to improve performance to owners of retired veterans with digestive upsets, and everything in between. The importance of gut health is often overlooked and our test kit can provide answers as to what is going on in the hind gut.

At EquiBiome we have the largest library of equine data in the world and we use this information to help us to identify and accurately describe what makes up the healthy biome. The biome is a ‘whole’ community, the bacteria interact with each other, producing benefits and interacting with their host.”

To find out more and order an EquiBiome Test Kit please visit You can also follow ‘EquiBiome’ page on Facebook.

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