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Elite Equine Organic Rosehip Supplement - Tubs

Lesotho Rosehip Now an English Rose

The Rosehip Company in Lesotho (RHC) is proud to announce the introduction of Elite Equine 100% Organic Rosehip Supplement to the UK market.

For many years the value of rosehip for human ailments has been well-known, but only in recent years had the same been shown true in animals, and particularly in horses.

Elite Equine and Inflammation

The intrinsic value of Elite Equine lies in its unique anti-inflammatory agent that prevents the body’s natural inflammatory response from causing more harm than good. Couple that with high levels of vitamin C and the anti-oxidative effect becomes extremely valuable in:

  • reducing recovery time after illness or exercise;
  • relieving pain caused by cartilage wear and tear; and
  • building a strong and resilient immune system.

Rosehip is also a natural producer of biotin and has been known to address poor coat quality, unhealthy skin conditions and allergies, and brittle hooves.  Unexpected benefits include being an appetite stimulant and in addressing poor gut health.


The calming effect on both the inner working of the digestive system as well as the adrenal glands have been remarked upon by well-known animal herbalist, Robert MacDowell:

Rosehip is especially useful to protect the body from kidney and adrenal exhaustion occasioned by fear or panic. If you want to do nothing else to protect your horse on a trip, Rosehip tea in their drinking water would be my #1 tip.”

With organic certifications from four of the world’s best-known certification bodies, you can be well assured of the best quality rosehip and the sustainability of the offering.

Harvesters harvesting

As a company that is personally invested in the welfare of its 3500+ harvesters, RHC saw the opportunity to enlarge its footprint into animal supplements after building a successful export business with its rosehip tea and tissue oils.

Herman and Catherine Nieuwoudt started the company in 2008 from very humble beginnings, but a clear vision to empower and improve the lives of the community in which it was operating has made it the most valued exporter of Lesotho produce in the country.

Continuing our quest to build a beautifully ethical and socially responsible business, we endeavour to contribute to our community as much as possible. We have involved our most valued clients in our community projects and we maintain that the prospering of our community continues to be one of our biggest driving forces.”

The company pays a similar, fair price to all the harvesters throughout the country. The communities from which material is bought are very poor and isolated with little potential for generating income. In participating in the harvesting project, the harvesters have the potential for earning an income without needing a specific skill and without being displaced from their homes. This is important since in Lesotho work can be found in the textile factories in Maseru, but workers are displaced from their homes and a large portion of their small wage goes towards alternative accommodation and transport.

RHC is also actively involved with Mants’ase Children Home, a cause very dear to their hearts. The aims of the Mophato oa Mants’ase Society are to foster the wellbeing of vulnerable children through their own families wherever possible, and where this is not possible to provide residential care for the duration of child placement recommended by the Ministry of Social Development.

Become a part of the Rosehip family, and see how Elite Equine changes lives.

If you would like to know more about the company, please visit or visit their product website at

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