Nettex launch V.I.P. Ulsa Shield

Nettex Ulsa Shield

Nettex launch V.I.P. Ulsa Shield


Nettex launch Ulsa Shield as part of their new V.I.P.® range of products.

V.I.P.® Ulsa Shield is an advanced, sugar free formula containing a unique blend of ingredients to maintain gastric health, soothe the stomach walls and support normal acid levels. It is Vet Approved and is ideal to feed following veterinary treatment to help maintain a healthy gastric environment.

Nettex Ulsa Shield

The lifestyle of modern horses can predispose them to stress and poor gastric health. This product is the ideal gastric supplement which can be fed continually to achieve healthy performance in the stomach. Healthy digestive function is critical for wellbeing, condition and performance. Ulsa Shield is ideal for both leisure and sport horses to help them maintain a healthy stomach and perform at their best.

Conveniently packaged in 2kg tubs which will last an average sized horse for over two months, making this a cost effective way to ensure horses maintain peak health.


V.I.P.®                          Ulsa Shield                             2kg

RRP £44.99                 80 days supply                      £0.56 per day

Vet approved, supports normal acid levels and soothes the stomach lining

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