MSM Supplements for Horses Explained


You will likely be familiar with MSM as it is often used in many horse joint supplements on the market. It is definitely one of the most popular ingredients to be used to help with horse’s who suffer from joint issues and can be used to prevent further damage occurring.

MSM is without a doubt one of the key ingredients in all the best horse joint supplement available. Many owners choose this ingredient to assist with their horse’s joints. The feedback on this ingredient is highly regarded and customers tend to come back to using this ingredient time and time again to help their horses.


What is MSM?

MSM is a powerful ingredient that is often referred to by its full name, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (which is a mouthful so we will refer to this as MSM). MSM is an ingredient that you will find is used in many types of horse joint supplements since it is said to be highly effective for horses that suffer from severe joint pain and discomfort.

MSM’s key purpose is to reduce blood markers for oxidation and inflammation. You will notice that it works hard to protect the structure of the connective tissue that encases your horse’s joints.


MSM is usually bioavailable and provides the building blocks for protein. This is vital for tendon and ligament repair which can be a common problem for horses and their delicate joints. This strong ingredient provides your horse with sufficient protein intake. This is important for cartilage formation and is wonderful for assisting with promoting circulation and muscle recovery.

MSM is usually found present in formulas with Glucosamine. It is not often you will find one without the other since they work so well together. When working combined these two ingredients provide a much-needed source of sulphur which your horse needs for strong articular cartilage.


What does MSM do for horses?

MSM has been shown to support successful recovery after rigorous exercise which can be particularly helpful for horses that carry out heavy workloads. This ingredient works to support successful muscle recovery so it can be a fantastic option for horses and ponies recovering from injury or those that need a little extra help after exercise.

MSM is also highly beneficial for healthy hooves, coat and skin. It is commonly found in products that promote these types of health benefits. It is said to be an all-round ingredient that can help your horse with their overall health, not just joint-related issues.

MSM is particularly helpful for those equines suffering from chronic arthritis to manage pain. This disease can be very painful and leave your horse with a lack of movement. MSM works to assist with pain which in turn helps with suppleness and flexibility in general.


MSM has proven to be a fantastic all-round ingredient used for helping horses to heal from injury. Some equine injuries do not heal up particularly quickly and you will find MSM helps to speed up that healing time.


What dosage do I feed MSM to my horse?

Dosages of MSM vary quite considerably from brand to brand. This ingredient has been known to work much better in higher doses which is why many believe that pure MSM supplements are the way forward when it comes to assisting with joint-related issues. Other believe that MSM is much more effective when formulated with other ingredients such a Glucosamine. It is true to say however that every equine should be treated as an individual and what may work well for one might now for another.

MSM can be bought in a pure form which is much more concentrated with very little additional ingredients included. It can also be bought as part of a complex formula with other popular ingredients such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic acid.

When it comes to exact doses it is important you always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so not to over or underdose. As a rough guideline, you should expect to use 1-2 scoops per feed, usually, twice a day in your horses feed. Liquid quantities will differ greatly. MSM can also be provided in tablet form (which can often be harder to administer) and syringe doses could be beneficial if you think your horse will not get the full dose from their feed (they throw their food around the stable).

Research has shown that a dose of 20g per day is highly effective for reducing inflammation in horse’s joints, but it is always best to follow the guidelines on the label as other ingredients included in the formula could make a difference to how well 20g will work for your horse. Factors such as the size, weight and age of your horse will often come into play.


Why should you use MSM on Horses?

MSM can be a great way to help your horse if they are suffering from joint-related issues. Many owners believe that MSM is the key ingredient in any good horse joint supplement and choose this ingredient in a high dosage.

If you are an owner of a horse that suffers from arthritis you will know full well how painful this condition can be for your horse. Inflamed joints are not happy ones and this can leave your horse with a lack of movement and suppleness. MSM can be a great solution to helping your horse feel much more comfortable and pain-free.

This ingredient can be very helpful for horses that do a lot of roadwork. Concrete surfaces can take a massive toll on horse’s joints since the impact is so severe. MSM can really help to strengthening and cushioning the joints leaving your horse much happy and healthier.

MSM can also work wonders for horses that are in heavy daily work. It can be really beneficial for helping your horse’s muscle recovery from strain and injury meaning you will be able to get your horse back into work much quicker. This ingredient is commonly used for horses that are in racing and heavy competition which can massively take a toll on their joints.

If your horse is suffering with joint pain or stiffness, you may want to Check out our full review of Best Joint Supplements for Horses here.










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