The Mare and Foal Sanctuary Invest in a New Operating Table

The new operating table at the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon
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The Mare & Foal Sanctuary Invest in a New Operating Table

Devonshire based equine charity, The Mare & Foal Sanctuary, has invested in a new operating table.

The table will be used for everything from complex eye removals to castration and has already had a positive effect on the horses living at the charity. The latest piece of equipment has been a welcome addition to the new Trees Veterinary and Welfare Centre.

From Shetland to the Shire, the table has been equipped with a hydraulic lift to tilt and angle any horse or pony to maximise operative success.

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At a cost of almost £35,000 (which mostly came from donations), the table has already made a difference to one resident.

Athena, a 12-year-old Gypsy Vanner, was the first horse to be operated on using the table. The mare had a rare eye condition, Glaucoma, which meant the operation included a full eye removal. Immediately after the operation, Athena returned to the stables and recovered well. The immediate return to a familiar environment, surrounded by staff she trusted, is one of the reasons why the in-house surgeons and the team are hopeful that the new purchase will continue to have a positive impact on equine welfare at the sanctuary.

Athena following her operation, recovering well
Athena following her operation, recovering well

Sanctuary vet Richard Frost said:

This table is top of the range and will last for the lifetime of the operating theatre.

When the savings of not having to send the Sanctuary horses away to other centres for surgery are taken into account over the next 20 to 30 years, the table actually works out quite cheaply.”

The table really is going to make a huge difference to the care and rehabilitation of all our horses and ponies.”

Trust donations were largely responsible for the new cutting-edge buy. The largest sum came from the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Trust at £20,000. A further £10,000 was donated from Support Adoption for Pets.

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