Lorenzini Bits from Michael Jung

Lorenzini Bits - Michael Jung

Lorenzini Bits from Michael Jung

Lorenzini Bits  – more than a ‘bit’ special

Eventing’s incredible Grand Slam winner, Michael Jung, obviously leaves no stone unturned

in his quest for success, for the newly crowned Badminton champion has developed his own range of titanium bits in conjunction with the engineers at Lorenzini.

Lorenzini Bits - Michael Jung
Lorenzini – Michael Jung

The Italian company, which specialises in manufacturing titanium products for a vast range of uses, including the aerospace industry, has produced five exclusive Michael Jung bits designed to “increase the physiological wellbeing of the horse and improve responsiveness in order to enhance the bond with the rider.”


Titanium has a number of characteristics that particularly lend themselves to equestrian use; as well as being extremely strong and lightweight, the metal is completely biocompatible with the body and does not cause hypersensitivity.

The Michael Jung Lorenzini Bit Collection includes:
  1. Kentucky: the Kentucky allows the reins to run easily inside the oblique holes and improves the connection between horse and rider. This bit is appropriate for all the eventing disciplines and Michael uses it for training and at events. The Kentucky is especially useful for horses who are leaning on the hand.
  2. Pelham Special: the rotating part, positioned in the centre of the bit, is designedto be more comfortable for the horse and help it to accept and interact more readily with the fixed bar. Michael uses the Pelham Special for horses who go “against the rider’s hand”. This bit is not suitable for every horse and is designed for use by experienced riders.
  3. Eventing: this bit features olive rings that are smaller than usual and is ideal for use in daily training. Michael Jung is a very big fan of Lorenzini’s olive bits, using them for more than half of his horses, both in training and in dressage. Michael says the Eventing Bit is a must-have that every rider should own. This special bit can also be used as a bradoon on a double bridle.
  4. Control: Michael Jung developed the Control Bit with Lorenzini especially for horses who are easily excitable or nervous and play excessively with the bit. This bit allows the rider to control the horse’s chewing action and is also ideal for young horses.
  5. Relax: the comfort of a rubber mouthpiece is combined with the rigidity of a fixed bar in order to create the Relax, which was devised by Michael Jung for very sensitive horses. This bit is perfect for young horses and the olive rings help the rider to create a stable contact with the horse mouth.
Lorenzini Spurs won a British Equestrian Trade Association Innovation Award at the 2015 BETA Trade Fair.

Contact 01303 872277 or visit www.lorenzinihorse.it for information.

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