Liam Neeson Saddles Up for New Film

liam Neeson Saddles up for new adventure
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Liam Neeson Saddles Up for New Film

Northern Ireland born film star Liam Neeson, is set to saddle up for a new film that will see him return to his routes next year.

Neeson, originally from County Antrim, will play John Moore, a premier horse trainer from Ireland who, following devastation, see’s his character almost loose everything. He forgets the will to live until he comes across a teenage refugee Nadya, who together, find themselves hooked in by a horse named Allabelle, who gives them both a reason to continue.

The film couldn’t come at a better time, where now horses’, more than ever are being recognised as ‘healers of the inner soul’.

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The Neil Jordan directed film, which will starting production summer 2017, will be pitched to the American Film Market next week and is being supported by the Irish Film Board.

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