LeMieux Comfort Shield

LeMieux Comfort Shield Filter Nose Net

You may have heard about the LeMieux Comfort Shield and wondered what it’s used for and how it can help your horse. Here we take a look at a product that helps both horse and rider.

Suppose your horse struggles with dust, flies, pollen and other debris/particles when riding. In that case, you’ll no doubt be enduring head shaking and or tossing, and understandably a very irritated horse. There’s nothing worse than knowing your horse is upset and you can’t do anything about it. 

adjustable Velcro fastenings - LeMieux Comfort Shield Filter Nose Net
adjustable Velcro fastenings – LeMieux Comfort Shield Filter Nose Net

The LeMieux Comfort Shield has been designed to deal with these problems and more. It’s easily a go-to product for many horse owners that is attached to the noseband with velcro. The shape of the shield allows for use with a cavesson, flash, grackle or drop.

Supplied with two in a pack, the LeMieux Comfort Shield helps minimise dust inhalation from dry hacking paths and the arena surface. Also, the shield is ideal for keeping flies away from sensitive nose hairs, helping prevent unwanted headshaking when on board. Happy Horse =  Happy Rider!

It’s easy to wash, and with two per pack you can wear one (well the horse) and wash one. We recommended soaking in a mild solution of hibiscrub, especially as the mesh can clog up after continued use.

Approved item of tack

The black shield comes in three sizes; small, medium and large. The item has also been approved for use in British Dressage, British Showjumping and British Eventing, making competing possible for those who usually struggle with snatching of the reins, headshakes and high head carriage due to the horse being frustrated and uncomfortable.

The pack comes with two shields. Available to purchase with quick delivery.

Available on Amazon, find out more here.

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