Is your horse sensitive to accepting the bit?

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Is your horse sensitive to accepting the bit? Or, do you think there’s a problem but you’re not sure where to start in working it out? In this article, Sprenger Bitting Consultant, Lindsay Middleton takes a look at the new Pronamic range and how they can help a sensitive, more established horse, accept the bit better.

What to look out for

All too often horses can encounter problems with the bit, no matter how thorough their training. Owners and trainers can find difficulties in the horse moving forward into self-carriage, by showing resistance in the mouth, head, neck, and body. This can be frustrating for the horse and the rider which in turn can cause further difficulties. Horses that encounter difficulties with the bit can be classed as sensitive to the bit.

If your horse is encountering problems with the bit, contributing factors such as tack, teeth, and the rider’s ability should be assessed before continuing with training.

Supporting the Sensitive Horse

To help solve the problem, Sprenger has developed a new range of bits under the Pronamic label developed by bit expert Heiko Schmidt-Sentekl in collaboration with Olympic gold medallist Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl and Benjamin Werndl.

The pronamic bits are anatomically curved single jointed bits featuring a forward flared port. These bits encourage horses of an advanced training level to carry themselves and to step forward to the hand/bit while staying elevated and through the neck, thus helping the horse feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Explains Lindsay:

“The concept has been developed by bringing together aspects from the Dynamic, Novocontact and Balkenhol collections. The Pronamic bits combine the flatness of a Novocontact snaffle joint with the curved shape of the Dynamic mouth piece. This gives you a more direct contact which is also aided by the Sensogan material that the Sprenger bits are made from which gives the horse a great feel.

“From personal experience, I have a mare working at medium level who is quite difficult in the contact. I decided to try her in the Pronamic Loose Ring Snaffle as she is sensitive and a touch argumentative. She quickly became much more accepting with the change of bit which is allowing me to develop and push her training further and I am delighted with the progress.”

The bits are recommended for horses that have completed the basic training levels correctly and solidly. Due to the special shape of the bit, the rider has a more effective influence without having to become too strong. 

When it comes to show jumping, the pronamic bits are especially effective for horses that energetically pull to the obstacle and tend tighten up their neck.


For further information on the Pronamic label bit, visit Zebra Products


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