Is your horse ready for spring?

Is your horse ready for spring

Is your horse ready for spring?

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As spring arrives so do biting insects. For sensitive horses and ponies it can be an uncomfortable time as they start to itch and even suffer from hair loss and damage to the skin.

Aside from external measures such as fly rugs, field management and selected turnout, what else can be done?

TurmerItch™, from The Golden Paste Company, is a pelleted supplement specifically formulated to support a healthy skin and coat. The active ingredients in TurmerItch™ also support biting insect repulsion and help maintain reduced sensitivity.

TurmerItch from The Golden Paste Company
TurmerItch from The Golden Paste Company

How does TurmerItch™ work?

The carefully selected ingredients are soothing to reduce itching, promote hair regrowth and help to repel biting insects, as well as keeping the skin healthy and the coat shiny.

Insect Bite Hypersensitivity usually affects most horses from March until October but starting the ‘midge season’ primed is important for the best possible advantage before they strike.

By “priming” the body to be less responsive to allergens generally, subsequent seasonal rises in insects should be less of a problem; the skin of the horse will have a barrier of bioactives that have been shown to act as a repellent, neem for example, and be less responsive to bites.

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Introducing this dietary system that can help optimise digestive health, the microbiome and gut integrity, the allergenic contribution to the itch threshold is reduced; subsequent challenges from biting insects may then fall below the threshold, thus reducing scratching and damage to the coat and skin.

The easy to use pellets are highly palatable, can be hand-fed or added to daily feed rations.

RRP £59.99 (2kg tub)

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