Is the horse or the jockey more important when weighing up a bet?

horse and jockey racing

While equestrian events are popular all around the UK, it is perhaps horse racing which the majority of the public follow most closely. Whether it is the flat racing season or jumps, keeping an eye on the action from courses like Fakenham or Ayr is a part of many people’s daily routine.

It is not just watching the action unfold which many people love to do. Betting on the outcome of races is just as popular due to the excitement it brings. It is vital to know what you are doing before you put any money down and you should certainly bear this in mind prior to betting. Horse Race Site is a great place to start for any horse racing bettors. This handy online resource brings together a wealth of tips and guidance for horse racing fans in the UK.

One thing which you may wonder about is whether the jockey or horse is more important when weighing up a bet. But which one should you focus on?

Horse and jockey are both important

The simple truth is that, in most cases, you need to factor in both the jockey and the horse. The horse you are looking at may be in great form, for example, but what if the jockey is not? This is bound to effect the outcome. On the other hand, the jockey might be on a good run, but the horse may be running at a track it does not like or is just back from a long lay-off. Horse racing is a partnership between horse and rider – this means both need to be researched.


Are there cases of a horse outshining jockeys?

Despite the above, there can be times when a horse is so unique that it can win with almost any rider on its back! These special horses can be worth backing for their sheer talent alone. Arkle in the 1960s, for example, was elite-level and capable of winning, whoever he had on board. Red Rum is another famous example and won the Grand National three times to show how special he was as a steeplechaser.

Can jockeys sometimes outshine their horse?

It is true to say that some jockeys can outshine the horses they ride and are worth taking note of. If we look back in history, we can see cases where this is true. Sir Tony McCoy is a fairly recent example and served up regular wins on a raft of horses. Frankie Dettori is another great example, with seven wins on seven different horses at Royal Ascot during one day in 1996.

Training, experience, fitness and lifestyle will all have an impact on a jockeys success in the saddle. A jockey repeatedly picked by a winning trainer may be one to keep an eye on, as when paired with an equally as talented horse, the pair are bound to go far.


Although you might keep up with the latest equestrian news in your spare time, you may also like to bet on horse racing. When it comes to betting, the best course of action is usually to factor in both horse and jockey. As the above shows, however, there can be special horses and jockeys who come along sometimes who are worth backing just on their own merit!

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