Interview with International show jumper Yazmin Pinchen

Yazmin Pinchen riding at Bolesworth International

Interview with International show jumper Yazmin Pinchen

Rider Interview – Yazmin Pinchen

You have an active presence on social media, how do you think social media influences your business? (In regard to sponsors and fans)

Yazmin Pinchen riding at Bolesworth International
Yazmin Pinchen riding at Bolesworth International

Social media has proved to be a great thing for me, I have gained most of my sponsors via social media and I have also gained recognition, for being so proactive on it. It’s very important that you can interact with fans and keep friends, family and sponsors up to date with your journey and results. I always reply to everyone who emails me or comments etc., I think that it is vital to make an effort with the people who support you.


You have been heavily involved in Global tours, including most recently the sunshine tour in Spain, do you prefer competing abroad or at home and what are the differences?


I was very lucky to get to ride at some of the beautiful global tour shows. They are out of this world, they are so glamorous. Everything is so well organised and the shows abroad are always thinking of you the rider, your groom and your horses. The foreign shows are always a pleasure to compete at. The international shows in the UK have never been that great until now, Bolesworth, Windsor and Liverpool are unbelievable shows and they are definitely up there with the global tour shows. I would obviously love to compete in the UK more but it’s not so easy, there aren’t enough shows to do that, so we have to travel.


You have been riding and competing from a very young age, what advice would you give to other young riders looking to follow in your footsteps?


To keep going, I never saw myself being able to ride at some of the top shows I have done, and without my parents I would never have been able to do that. I am extremely grateful to them. I haven’t got many grand prix wins under my belt yet, that takes time, but I aim to keep improving and win some big shows soon.


On your website it states that you are available to give advice on buying and selling horses, what do you specifically look for when buying horses?


Scope is the most important factor and how careful they are. If they are well-bred it is a bonus, but the horse showing top potential is key. A good heart is also something I look for, a horse that enjoys what it does and wants to work with its rider. Personally I think that the rider is the person who can feel it the most, my dad has a good eye for horses but I prefer to try them and feel for myself.


You are hoping to make the shortlist for the team GB Olympic selection for Rio, what preparations have you implemented to ensure you are in with the best chance?


Of course Rio is in my sights. My best mare has been off for a short time, but she is back stronger than before. I will show her at a big show in a few weeks, I plan to be consistent with her and be able to do some nation cups to prove we are a capable pair.


We have seen the very nice pictures of Low River King, How big a part does breeding play in your operation?


He is a beautiful little foal, the breeding is important, as is what stallion we choose. For us this time we used a big scopey stallion, as the mother is a small horse with lots of jump. She is very careful, so we hope the combination of power and carefulness will create a fantastic prospect for the future.


How many hours on average do you spend in the saddle a week?

I ride from 8 am – 1 pm every day, unless I am at a show, whereupon then it can be more or less.


What exercise(s) would you best recommend for a lazy horse?

A lot of transitions keeping your horse quick to react. Bounces are a good exercise to do as well, especially if your horse is lazy.


If you didn’t compete as a GB rider which country would you choose and why?

I would ride for Spain, as my family are Spanish. My grand-dads dad was half Spanish.


How would you describe working in the equine industry compared to a Mon – Friday 9-5pm job?

Incredible. I could not imagine spending all my days indoors. I love the outside, the fresh air and being able to work with animals. Of course when it’s freezing or raining it’s not my favourite day, but it’s all worth it in the end when I get great results.


Apart from training at home in the arena, what other rider fitness activities do you engage in?

I do pole fitness; I have done this for nearly seven years. It’s fantastic for your core. I try to go running as often as I can. But for me, pole fitness is my favourite sport, to stay in good shape.


What is your favourite sport next to equestrianism?

Apart from pole fitness, I am obsessed with Lacrosse. I used to play at school; I wish that I had carried on playing. I should get back into it; it’s such an adrenaline buzz.


What item couldn’t you do without?

My phone!! How sad is that, however as I am not able to see my friends that often being able to call them daily has become part of my daily routine. My best friends Jodie and Alice get a phone call at least once a day!! Also my make-up bag… That goes without saying.

Many thanks to Yazmin Pinchen, more interview coming up!

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