Doughnuts and Olympic dreams for Falco and Tim Price

Tim Price and Falco

Doughnuts and Olympic dreams for Falco and Tim Price

Written by Niki Hinman

In this article equine journalist, Niki Hinman is joined by Marlborough-based eventing legend Tim Price who talks eagerly about emerging superstar, Falco.

Falco is fast becoming a super star, and tipped for the Olympic team in Paris. He’s now the number one ride of Marlborough-based New Zealand event rider Tim Price.

The 13-year old pocket rocket (he’s a ‘nuggety’ 16hh) certainly has diva-like tendencies to suit the big stage. He likes the occasional doughnut, and is described by Tim as ‘a bit of a cheeky brat who uses a ‘spooky’ card’.

He’s always been cheeky. He’ll spin, he’ll bugger about.  The bell would have gone for the dressage and he’s stood up on his hind legs and spun around.  But I just ignore that kind of thing,”

said Tim.

He is an incredibly unique character. I’ve never known another horse like him.  He was never really pitching himself as a top level eventer through those first six years.

He’s been an enthusiastic and rather too exuberant jumper from the beginning, but he is incredibly intelligent and he has learned how to adapt and perfect his skills.  We have had a lot of bumps in the road and while he has made mistakes, he has never made the same mistake twice.

It was only 12 months ago that I started noticing the change in him. I really noticed it at Burnham Market where he won the Advanced class, and thought, you are different now.”

Falco and Tim Price
Tim has Lumuhlen 5* in Gemany in his sights this June,  followed by the World Equestrian Games, and then hopefully the Paris Olympics in two years’ time.

He is definitely a championship team horse.  We might get in a couple of Badmintons too,” added Tim.

Falco is owned by another Marlborough-based equestrian legend, Sue Benson, described by Tim as an owner of a lifetime. Sue was the London Olympics 2012 Cross Country course designer, and has a phenomenal equestrian CV from the 70’s to the 90’s when she represented GB at three European championships, finished second at Badminton and third at Burghley amongst other things.

Tim Price and Falco Les 5 étoiles de Pau
Tim Price and Falco Les 5 étoiles de Pau

Sue says she picked Tim to ride Falco seven years ago – as he was nearby at Mere Farm near Mildenhall in Marlborough.  But a choice of convenience has emerged as a partnership of magnificence.

In 2021, after six long years, Tim and Falco excited the whole equestrian world when winning both their 4*(Millstreet in Ireland)  and 5*(Pau in France)  International Three Day Events, back to back.

Although initially location was the main factor for choosing Tim,” said Sue.

The coincidence is that he is now regarded as one of the best riders in the world.”

When I think of Falco I think of Tim, and when I think of Tim I think of Falco.  They are a partnership which can never be separated.  Bonded by their many successes- and a few failures – their combined belief in each other has united them.”

Another curious coincidence is that Sue has New Zealand blood in her veins.  Her great grand mother was a Kiwi.
Sue bought Falco in 2015.

By this time I was no longer competing myself so I only wanted him because I didn’t want anyone else to have him! His sale price was not within my perceived budget but I released some inherited investments and purchased him anyway.

I wanted him because he was beautiful.  He had presence. He moved with such lightness of step.

His eye was big, dark and full of glee.  It’s such a cliché – but he literally jumped like a stag; effortless but with such joy.  When he left the ground he took my breath away. He appeared to be the ultimate athlete.”

Tim Price and Falco
Tim Price and Falco
Falco was bred in Germany to jump, but Sue says dressage was easy for him as well, and says she won every dressage competition she entered on him, before deciding to find another rider to bring him on further.

Even after seven years with Tim he is not the finished article.  I believe he can still improve,” added Sue.

I believe he wants to improve and I believe he longs for more mileage! He never looks happier than when he is doing what he does best – competing with his best friend Tim Price at the controls.”


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