HOYS Welcome Driven Heavy Horse Championship

HOYS Welcome Driven Heavy Horse Championship image of heavy horse pulling a trap

HOYS welcome a Championship for Driven Heavy Horses in the Andrews Bowen International Arena for 2023

Heavy horses have been part of Horse of the Year Show’s heritage since its early years, when audiences were presented with a majestic display to music as the heavy horses worked to harrow the main arena. Now in its 74th year, HOYS continues to understand and recognise the significance of supporting the heavy horse as the British heavy breeds continue to feature on the rare and endangered breeds list.

This year the show will welcome a Championship for Driven Heavy Horses in the Andrews Bowen International Arena, to support the work of the societies in promoting the breeds to a wider audience. The Championship will welcome a fabulous presentation of qualified heavy horses with the potential of including Shires, Percherons, Suffolk Punches and Clydesdales, among other heavy horse breeds, as they drive a two-wheeled show cart. The turnouts in the Championship will be judged according to the standard of driving, appearance, and performance of the horse at different paces.

Heavy Weight Horses Competing At HOYS for 2023

Exhibits can qualify for this Championship at County and Country Shows across the UK, including The Royal Highland, Fife Show, Great Yorkshire Show and New Forest and Hampshire. For a full list of qualifiers see the pdf here. Jemima Walker, Equestrian Manager comments

Horse of the Year Show is proud of its heritage, and we want people to continue to be able to enjoy watching these heavy horse breeds in arenas up-and-down the country for years to come. HOYS has an enviable platform to shine a spotlight on the heavy horse breeds and we are looking forward to welcoming the leading horses and drivers into the arena this year.”

Save the date HOYS Dates for 2023

As the pinnacle of the showing season, we expect a fabulous class of the highest standard at HOYS, which should sit well with our other championships throughout the week. The judge with the privilege of judging this showcase will be announced soon and we look forward to seeing who will take home the inaugural title!


For further show information please visit the HOYS website.

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