How To Elevate Your Bets With Gulfstream Park Picks

Horses racing How To Elevate Your Bets With Gulfstream Park Picks

How To Elevate Your Bets With Gulfstream Park Picks

Horse racing would never feel complete without Gulfstream Park. Jockeys and horse racing fans across the world treasure these fields for their continued excellent hosting of horse races. For many years, it has been among the most important venues for horse racing in the US.

Both the world-renowned Florida Derby and Pegasus World Cup take place at the Gulfstream Park. But you don’t have to physically visit the park at Hallandale Beach, Florida, to be part of the action. From the comfort of your home, you can follow live coverage of races. More so, you can place bets on your favourite races and stand a chance to win big money.

Horse Race Betting

There are various types of horse bets. Some are easy and very straightforward while others are a bit complex. Here are the most popular types of horse bets:

  1. Win: You just have to select the horse you predict will finish the race first. If it happens so, you win.
  2. Place: You select a horse that you think will finish the race in either first or second place. You win if your prediction comes true.
  3. Show: You select the horse you suppose will finish the race first, second, or third. 
  4. Across the Board: You place a win, place, and show bet for a particular horse. If it comes first, you win the three bets; if it comes second, you win the place and show bets; if it comes third, you win the show bet only.
  5. Exacta: You select a couple of horses that you think will come first and second in a race in the exact order. It sounds risky, but the rewards are lucrative. Learn how to place an exacta bet.

Gulfstream Park Betting Tips

Over the years, close observation of numerous horse races at Gulfstream Park has yielded some predictable winning trends. Here are several tips to increase your chances of winning:

  • Keep An Eye Out On Early Speed Horses: Horses that lead the pack from the very beginning of the race have a higher chance of winning Gulfstream dirt and turf races. The deep closers (horses that stay behind the rest of the pack from the very beginning of the race) have minimal chances of winning
  • Outside vs Inside Paths: For one-mile sprints on dirt tracks, horses that stick to the outside paths are more likely to win. For two-turn races, horses on the inside paths are more advantaged.
  • Post Positions: For main track two-turn routes, don’t bet on horses sticking close to the outside posts. For dirt miles, don’t bet horses near the inside posts.
  • Turf Races: Only bet speed horses in turf routes when the rails are positioned at a good distance from the rail on the outside oval. Race callers usually inform the crowd of the turf rail positions before the race starts.

Follow Expert Handicappers To Elevate Your Bets 

Suppose you don’t trust your guts in placing horse bets. Should you give up on it altogether? You don’t have to. If you still want to take your chances, you can actually leverage your bets with the help of expert handicappers. 

Ideally, a seasoned handicapper analyses a horse race and predicts the winner. You just have to depend on their analysis to place your bets. Some charge a monthly fee for this incredible service but others offer it for free. You may want to check out these free Gulfstream picks for starters.

And here’s how you’ll benefit by following the picks of expert handicappers:

  • High Winning Probability: For someone to be listed as an expert handicapper, they must have been betting on horse races for quite some time and have a time-tested track record of more wins than losses. 

They have an in-depth knowledge of horse racing statistics. They have honed their analytical skills over many years and now can predict the winners with a higher percentage of accuracy. By following their picks, you have a higher chance of winning.

  • Easy To Start: You don’t have to spend months or years trying to learn how to analyse horse races. The moment you register with a reliable sportsbook, you can place your bets as soon as you wish to.
  • Learning Opportunity: Horse race picks usually come with the thought process that made the experts predict a specific horse as the winner. By following these analyses, you improve your analytical skills as well. And several years down the line, you’ll be the expert that people look up to before placing their bets.
  • Easy Wins: Just imagine you never did any analysis but you end up winning big money! That’s a wise approach in making some quick bucks without a struggle.

Final Word

Whatever betting strategy you choose, remember to always bet responsibly. Even though you can rely on the judgment of seasoned handicappers, you must also make your own observations, especially when it comes to the track record and breed of the horse.

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