How are spiraling prices affecting livery yard businesses?

Horse and woman - How are spiraling prices affecting livery yard businesses?

With inflation running at a rate not seen in the UK for many years, the team at SEIB Insurance Brokers have set out to uncover how this is affecting livery yards across the country from the perspective of both yard owners and their horse owning clients

Yard Owners

SEIB have put together a short online survey to find out how much prices are rising and the impact this is having on livery yard owners and their businesses. Each person that completes the survey will be entered into a free prize draw for an Amazon voucher worth £100. 

Please find the SEIB Real Cost of Running a Livery Yard survey here:

Responses from the survey will help to raise awareness of the truth behind increasing costs for livery yard owners. The constant increase in energy prices, water bills and materials for yard maintenance are significant hurdles for those running livery yard businesses. The results of the survey will aim to highlight what the increased financial burdens are for yards and to help ensure greater awareness of these ever-rising costs.

Owners and managers of Riding School, Retirement, DIY, Full or Competition Livery yards are welcomed to take part in the survey which takes less than five minutes to fill out. As thanks for filling out the survey, one person completing it will win an Amazon voucher worth £100. 

Man and horse How are spiraling prices affecting livery yard businesses?
The SEIB are running two surveys to help formulate a well rounded evaluation of the how inflation is effecting livery owners and horse owners.

Horse Owners

In conjunction with this, SEIB are also running a survey to find out how rising costs are affecting horse owners that keep their horse or pony in a livery yard. Respondents to the horse owners survey will be entered into a draw for a £100 voucher to spend in their local saddlery.

Please find the SEIB Real Cost of Owning a Horse survey here:

This survey is aiming to help establish the true cost of owning a horse or pony by analysing expenses such as livery bills, feed and bedding and raise awareness of the sums involved.

If you need to insure your livery yard, riding school, horse, horsebox or trailer – SEIB are here to help so please give us a call on 01708 850000 or visit


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