Horseware Turnout Guide

Horseware Turnout Guide

In 2016, Horseware launched a turnout guide app, an innovative process to help horse owners select the correct rug for their horse.

Unfortunately, the app looks to have been discontinued. If you’re interested in learning more about how the turnout rug guide worked you can read more in our original news piece about the launch below.

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Horseware Turnout Guide
Horseware Turnout Guide

Horseware, the global leader in innovative equestrian, rider and pet products, is pleased to announce that the much anticipated Horseware Turnout Guide is now available as a free download for iPhone in the iTunes App Store, and for Android in the Google Play Store.

The Horseware Turnout Guide is the definitive guide to keeping your horse warm and dry, whatever the weather.

Over 30 years of rugging expertise distilled into one app: the Horseware Turnout Guide is the first app that takes the guesswork out of rugging your horse.

Gathering data from weather forecasts for the coming three days, it makes an intelligent recommendation on which Horseware turnouts will best suit the conditions and your horse, making sure you’re aware of any expected sudden weather changes.

Horseware Turnout Guide

You can create a profile for each of your horses – inputting details on their condition, whether they’re clipped, age, and breed, to generate a personalised set of rugging options for your horse.

By uploading an image of your horse, you can virtually try on turnouts before buying, so you can be sure you’re choosing the best option and save turnouts you own to ‘My Rugs’ to keep track of your horse’s growing wardrobe.

Our Decoder tells you everything you need to know about Horseware turnouts, our How to Measure guide will help you find the perfect fit for your horse, and ‘Where To Buy’ pinpoints your nearest Horseware stockist.

All of Horseware’s products are designed and developed in Dundalk, Ireland. Their Rambo turnouts are still manufactured in Dundalk where they employ 125 people. 250 people are employed in Horseware’s two factories in China, 80 in Cambodia and 36 in the USA.

Horseware believes that ‘because we create, we innovate’ and through innovation, aims to make a tangible difference to the lives of you, your horses, and your pets.

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