Horses Stabbed and One Dies Police, Appeal for Witnesses

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Horses Stabbed and One Dies, Police Appeal for Witnesses

Horses stabbed in brutal attack  – warning graphic images

Police are appealing for witnesses following two horses being attached in Haltwhistle, Northumberland.

The attack happened somewhere between the evening of Friday 8th July and the Saturday morning. Both horses were found by the their owner, hiding in their field shelter in a state of shock.

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19-year-old mare Tara, was stabbed in her throat, neck and abdomen. Unfortunately she didn’t pull through the attack and died with her owner by her side a few days later, on July 12th.

The below post has been shared throughout social media before Tara’s passing.


The remaining horse, T is on a long road to recovery after being stabbed up to six times in the neck and abdomen.

A £500 reward is offered for the successful lead to bringing those responsible to justice.

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There is a page set up via crowdfunding to help the owner pay for vet fee’s. Please follow on to  Crowdfunding



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