Horse Trailers and Horse Trailer Insurance

Horse Trailer Insurance
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Horse Trailers and Horse Trailer Insurance 

Whether you are an equestrian or a pleasure rider, peace of mind is possible by having Horsebox and Horse Trailer Insurance that removes the financial burden should there be a problem in the transportation of your animal. One of the primary reasons to have horsebox insurance policy is for the owner to be protected against events and circumstances out of their control. These events can be man-made or natural. 

Horse Trailers and Horse Trailer Insurance 

The necessity of the horse trailer insurance policy

The vital reason a horse owner would carry insurance on their horse trailer is for the financial protection it provides for events out of their control. This makes it possible for action to be in post-haste when an unforeseen accident occurs to the equipment used for transporting the horse to an equestrian event or new location.

The policy covers the financial burden of the event, either manmade or one of nature so the owner can have their valuable equipment repaired and at times their horse taken care of without delay. 


What a horse trailer insurance policy covers

The policy of the horse trailer insurance covers events that occur in nature along with vehicle accidents and vandalism. 

Mother Nature can be the source of damage from hail storms to high winds and even when tree limbs fall the trailer causing the trailer to be in need of repair.  

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On the road, there are other sources of problems that can occur. The simplest is when a tire deflates and assistance is needed. The policy should include 24/7 roadside assistance that can provide a new tire so the journey can continue.

In the event of a vehicle accident and the trailer is damaged beyond repair on the roadside. A suitable replacement can be dispatched to the scene of an accident. This makes it possible for the horse to be taken to its destination with the smallest amount of delay possible. This is especially important when the horse is being transported to an equestrian event that has a fixed schedule. 

The transportation of the trailer itself is also included in the policy when it is disabled. This can be on the roadside, at an equestrian event or the owner’s property. A flatbed wrecker or other suitable vehicle can take the horse trailer to a repair shop so the damage can be fixed and the trailer operational again.

Vandalism is also covered in this specific type of insurance coverage. The damage can be from minor scratches to severe damage to the exterior and or interior of the trailer. With the financial costs of repairs covered by the action of those will ill intentions, the trailer be restored to new like conditions. When this occurs, the owner will also have to file a police report. 

On the trailer itself, what is covered in a typical policy includes all standard items that are part of the trailer when it was manufactured and delivered. This can include but not limited to the ramp, the shell, hitch and even the pads to help make the horse more comfortable on their journey. 

The difference in a claim made with a horse trailer insurance policy

No owner wants to make a claim, but when it is necessary, it is comforting to know the insurance agency that issues the policy has horse lovers on staff to help the owner with the claim.  By having knowledgeable people on the subject of horses and transporting them helping the owner, the chances of a misunderstanding are removed for the filing procedure.

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