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horse shampoo and accessories

Horse Shampoo and Accessories

Are you looking for a new horse shampoo this spring/summer? Here, we take a look at a selection of horse shampoos and accessories for bathing success this spring and summer. Looking for after-exercise cooling? Then check out Rejuvenate from Groom Away. And for whitening, try the HyShine Magic Dazzle.

Horse Shampoo and Accessories
  1. Veredus Grooming for a Winning Turnout – With the showing season fast approaching, Veredus has a range of products that will help to make your horse shine in the show ring. The Veredus Biocare grooming range includes Shampoo Sheen, Easy White, Super Sheen and Blue Snow Shampoo so there’s no excuse even for the smallest dirty mark.

    Veredus Shampoo Sheen – 500ml, £14: Veredus Easy White – 500ml, £17: Veredus Super Sheen – 500ml: Veredus Blue Snow Shampoo – 500ml, £19.

  2. Effol Super-Clean, Great for Kids – The super scrumptious Effol Super-Clean comes with a handy pump action dispenser (for less mess) with a delicious raspberry smell. For super clean coats and cuddly soft ponies.

    Effol Super Clean – 300ml, £6.24.

  3. HyShine Magic Dazzle – Whitening Shampoo. Use to enhance greys, cremellos, coloureds or horses with white socks. Infused with Avocado, Lavender and Wheat Germ extracts for added coat condition and shine. A premium whitening enhancing formula that combats yellowing hair.

    HyShine Magic Dazzle – 500ml, £6.99.


    HyShine Magic Sparkle – Shampoo and Conditioner. Made with pro-vitamin B5, Avocado and Wheat Germ extract to moisturise, protect and repair the horse’s coat, mane, and tail. Also acts as a damage repair caused by free radicals as a result of sunlight.HyShine Magic Sparkle – 500ml, £6.99.

  4. Groom Away – Rejuvenate Body Wash. The Groom Away body wash cools without chilling, refreshes and removes heavy perspiration. It’s a no-rinse formula which is 100% natural with Spearmint and Peppermint oils … it smells amazing! Perfect for use after competition, exercise or in hot weather.

    Groom Away – Rejuvenate Body Wash – 400ml, £6.99.

  5. Groom Away—Just 4 Coloureds Shampoo. After a deep cleansing action, it whitens and enriches coloureds for a high-shine coat. It also removes stubborn stains. The shampoo is 100% natural and infused with Tea Tree oil. It is great for use on a skewbald, piebald, appaloosa, or tobiano.

    Groom Away – Just 4 Coloureds Shampoo – 400ml, £6.99.

  6. Bathing Accessories – Top bathing accessories included here: Unbleached Honeycomb Natural Sea Sponge – £11.50 (good for stubborn stains), the Shires 2-Tone Sponge Brush – £6.41 each and the Hippo Tonic Gel Sweat Scraper – £9.99. All available to purchase via each link, from Amazon … Top Tip: look out for free delivery!


  7. Effol Kids – Star-Shine. Conjure up the inner unicorn in your horse or pony with the Effol Kids Star-Shine. Super glitter infused spray with a wonderful raspberry aroma to suit. Also suitable for spraying with stencils.

    Effol Kids – Star Shine – 300ml, £8.32.

  8. Showsheen – Showring Shine. Pro-vitamin detangling spray designed to nourish the horse’s coat for a super shine. Silk proteins help strengthen name and tail, repels dust and dirt.

    Showsheen – Showring Shine – 950ml, £12.99.

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