Horse racing worldwide: Where does it have the biggest fan communities?

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Horse racing is a worldwide performance sport involving two or more horses on a track; jockeys ride these horses, and the sport is an ancient source of entertainment and gambling. Many countries have developed their sports traditions, and it is more common in the UK because it has been a part of their culture for centuries. Many people worldwide can now experience horse racing culture as the equestrian games are played. It is a wonderful sport enjoyed worldwide in different forms. It is prevalent in the UK, but other countries have formed events and communities that enjoy the sporting benefits.

Horse racing in the UK

One of the largest horse racing following comes from the UK because of its rich history in the sport. Horse racing began during Roman times, and over time it spread to other continents like America, Australia, and Africa due to British influence. The sport has developed and produced several other events within the UK that have delighted fans and enabled culture to grow out of the races. In light of the vast betting community throughout the UK, this has also led to an increasing amount of betting sites offering horse racing as The Punters Page (TPP) describes. Several horse racing events take place in the UK, which include:

  • Royal Ascot
  • Cheltenham festival
  • Grand National
  • Epsom Derby
  • Ladbrokes Trophy

Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot takes place annually in June, and it takes place at the Ascot Racecourse. The event is known for its royal attendees, celebrities, and beautiful landscape.

Cheltenham Festival

It is one of the oldest horse racing events, and it takes place in a Racecourse in Gloucestershire. It usually takes place in March, and the prize money is one of the highest in the UK.


Grand National

It is held annually at the Aintree Racecourse in Merseyside, and the event has a hunting theme where horse racing focuses on hurdles and a variety of difficult jumps.

Epsom Derby

The event takes place in June at the Epson Downs in Surrey, and it is known to fans as “The Derby” An average of 150,000 attend the event, and the audience dresses for the occasion.

Ladbrokes Trophy

It is one of the newest events founded in 1957. The one-day event takes place in Newbury, and the event usually takes place in late November or early December.

Horse racing in the USA

Horse racing in the USA grew as a result of British influence. The sport has grown over the years, producing one of the best events in the world. These events are:

  • The Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness Stakes
  • Belmont Stakes
  • Travers Stakes
  • Breeders’ cup

Kentucky Derby

The race is scheduled for the first Saturday of May, and the race is the best of its kind. Two million prize money is usually up for grabs, and it attracts one of the best jockeys to fight for the prize. The venue is in Churchill Downs Racecourse in Louisville.

Preakness Stakes

The race is held every third Saturday of every May at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore.

Belmont Stakes

The race is held every June at Belmont Park in San Diego. The prize money features a total of 1.5 million dollars.

Travers Stakes

The Travers is held at the Saratoga racecourse in Saratoga Springs, New York. It is a summer event usually held in August.

Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders’ cup is usually held in early November at Santa Anita Park in Southern California.

Horse racing in Australia

In Australia, thoroughbred horse racing has been the most popular horse racing sport. Thoroughbred means a breed well known for racing, but it refers to pure breeds. On an international scale, the country has more horses than any other nation in the world. There are important races in Australia, namely:

  • Melbourne Cup
  • Victoria Derby
  • VRC Oaks

Melbourne Cup

It is Australia’s most famous Thoroughbred horse racing event. It is held at Flemington Racecourse in Victoria, and the event usually occurs every early November.

Victoria Derby

The derby is also held at Flemington Racecourse, and the races are usually held in late October or early November.

VRC Oaks

The tournament is also held at Flemington Racecourse, usually held in early November, and only three-year-old horses and above can qualify for the event.

Worldwide Horse Racing

Other countries have picked up the baton in equestrian sport. There are over 21,000 races held in Japan, and the sport is growing in popularity. Although it is considered a game for specific bloodlines because these families breed the horses, the sport has grown past those confines, and Japan is taking the world by storm.

The Dubai World Cup is an event that offers the biggest prize money in the sport today mainly because it is located in one of the richest sporting destinations in the world. The prize money is a total of $12 million for the winner.

Final Thoughts

The horse racing sport shows no signs of slowing down because its following is growing, and it is a popular event at every Olympics where many athletes from more than 100 countries compete for the top prize. The sport is limited to countries with a British influence; there are other destinations where you can find horse racing, such as the Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, Kenya, Germany, and France.

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