Hoof Care: Products for a Healthy Hoof

Hoof Care: Products for a Healthy Hoof

Hoof care products overview

This month, along with our shampoo's and bathing accessories feature, we also focus on products for a healthy hoof.

Common hoof conditions; such as cracks, corns, abscesses and bruising can compromise even the healthiest of horse, at any time of year.

With the months to come promising drier weather (haha we here you say) which in turn brings harder ground, we've rounded up a selection of hoof products designed to help to support optimum hoof health.

farriers formula

Farrier's Formula

Farrier's Formula is a supplement that can be fed on top or mixed in with the horse's feed. A well-favoured alfalfa based product, that has been specially formulated to supply the horse's hoof with optimum nutrients to encourage healthy growth, since 1979.

Enriched with Biotin, promoting inner and outer hoof health. Safe to be fed to horses with Laminitis.

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Available to purchase on Viovet from £37.49, click here.


Kevin Bacon Hoof Solution

Kevin Bacons Hoof Solution

Kevin Bacons Hoof Solution is based on an old remedy made of natural products. The intense anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make this product ideal for use on horses that are suffering from thrush and/or bacteria in the white line.

An excellent product for drying out and cleaning infected Keratinized tissues.

Application brush comes in tub, 150ml.

Available to purchase on Amazon for £20.86, click here.


Kevin Bacon Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener

Keratex Hoof Hardener uniquely strengthens weakened hooves with its patented molecular structure repair formula. Designed to reduce the risk of hoof cracks and splits by strengthening the horn, to help horses retain shoes without affecting natural hoof function.

Can be used on unshod horses, also on those who suffer from bruising.

Read reviews on the product, via Viovet here.

Available from Viovet from £31.00, click here.

effol hoof ointment

Effol Hoof Ointment

Effol Hoof Ointment blends Thyme and Laurel to create a formula that helps prevent hoof disease. With strong anti-bacterial properties, the ointment soothes and stimulates to protect and prevent problems of the hoof. Vaseline extracts help to create a water and dirt shield.

Ideal for hoof growth.

Available from Viovet from £8.50, click here.


Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser for Horses

Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser

The Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Moisturiser helps reduce the risks of cracks, brittleness and splits in the horse's hoof. Comes with applicator lid.

Clear formula to apply to the hoof for deep moisturisation. For everyday use.

Available £16.99 from Viovet, click here.



hoof oil brush - roma

Hoof Oil Brush

Don't forget to stock up on a few new hoof oil brushes.

Available from £1.84, click here.

Hoof Oil Brush and Bottle

Traveling to a show? This handy little hoof oil brush and bottle is great to keep a little extra product in.

Available £1.94 in a variety of colours, click here.

For more equestrian products, please visit our magazine category 'horse and rider products' where you will find a selection of our product features.

The links in this piece are either directed to Viovet or Amazon, for which we are affiliate members. Should you decide to click and purchase an item we may receive a small commission, with this in mind we will only recommend products we feel have true value to horse owners, loaners and enthusiasts. 

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