Hoof First Aid Kit Essentials 

Hoof First Aid Kit Essentials

With an array of hoof ailments posing a threat to our horse’s health and soundness, it is vital as owner’s we are prepared for anything. That’s why we have put together some Hoof First Aid Kit essentials.

Make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality, with these essential first aid items. With your summer hoof care regime in full swing, we hope you won’t need to use them! However, as we all know, horses are unpredictable so it’s better to be safe than sorry…

Hoof Pick

Shires Hoof Pick and Brush

Shires Hoof Pick and Brush

RRP: £0.99 (Naylors)

A ‘must-have’ to hand item in any emergency situation regarding the hoof, the hoof pick is an essential. Perfect for getting to the route of the problem and find what exactly is going on, the bristled end can brush away dirt any remaining dirt with ease! Take your pick of colours too, as this hoof pick comes in purple, pink, and blue too.

Bucket or Tub

Tubtrugs Flexible Shallow Bucket

Tubtrugs Flexible Shallow Bucket (15L)

RRP: £5.50 (Naylors)

Also, did you know that immersing horse’s feet in cold water can help to prevent the onset of laminitis? Reducing swelling of the laminae and maintaining its integrity regularly immersing the feet in cold water might just keep your horse out, all summer long!


Also, a bucket of hot water is essential for drawing out any potential infection in the hoof. Keeping a bucket, for emergency use only is vital, as it need to be sterile to prevent causing infection.

Tubtrugs Shallow Bucket is perfect, as it’s flexible! The bendy structure means it’s practically unbreakable, so sharp edges will not pose a threat to further injuring your horse. Plus, it’s shallow design means its easy to get your horse’s foot in and out of the bucket!


Robinson Animal Health Animalintex Hoof Poultice (3pk)

RRP: £5.50 (Amazon)

When you come across a puncture wound or abcess, you need to act immediately. That’s why having a poultice dressing in your kit is crucial. When warmed and moistened, it can draw out dirt and infection, much like a tubbing a foot but without the fuss. Having at least one on hand, will give you chance to run out to get some more, with a general rule of changing poultices twice per day.

Vet Wrap

Bodhi & Digby Vet Wrap (5 Rolls)

RRP: £9.99 (Amazon)

That poultice won’t stay there on it’s own, so vet wrap is an essential.

We love Bodhi & Digby’s vet wrap as it’s natural crimp makes it extra secure and easy to apply.

NB: you may want to pop some bandage scissors (Amazon; £4.99) in your kit too, in order to cut the vet wrap to the length you need!

Shoe Puller

Roma Shoe Puller
Roma Shoe Puller

RRP: £20.52

If your horse is shod, a shoe puller is an essential. When shoes are hanging on, you need to get them off and quick, as exposed nails may cause puncture wounds. Using the shoe puller to remove the shoe, you should them consider calling out your farrier as soon as possible to attend to the hoof, which may be damaged, and put the hose back on.

Purple Spray

Gold Label Purple Spray (250ml)

Gold Label Purple Spray (250ml)

RRP: £3.70 (Viovet)

Purple spray is an antibacterial, antiseptic dye, used to treat bacterial and fungal infection. It is useful for minor wound, to protect from infection once they are cleaned. Deeper would will need veterinary attention, so avoid using topical treatments until your vet has assessed the situation and decided on the best cause of action.


Hibiscrub Skin Cleanser 500ml

Hibiscrub Skin Cleanser (500ml)

RRP: £7.39 (VioVet)

Also an antiseptic solution, Hibiscrub is great for minor cuts and wounds too. Diluting the solution, it can be used to scrub out feet in cases of thrush. However, the solution can be quite drying to the skin, so keep your eye out for areas of flaky or sore patches, and general hoof condition.


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