History of the Development of Sports Betting on Horse Racing


History of the Development of Sports Betting on Horse Racing

Horse racing has become a prominent sports event, with many real money bets. Here’s a brief history of the development of the game and tips for a responsible gambling session.

Horse racing has been around for ages. Its presence dates back to about 700–40 BCE. In those times, this sport was simply to determine the speed and stamina of horses. It has moved on to become a multi-billion sports betting category, where the best horses offer rewards to its owner.

Most online casino customers now leverage on certain technological advancements to enjoy sports. The presence of online gambling has taken this sports type to new heights. Players no longer need to line up at the tracks to place wagers. The ease, incentives, and access to local and international events have increased the presence of online sports betting and online gambling, which stretches to other casino games like the best payout pokies, table games, slots etc.

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In the beginning, only wild horses caught in Central Asia were tamed using the racing method. As time grew, more innovations were used, including wagons, chariots, and archery. The ancient civilizations of Rome, Egypt, and Greece were at the forefront of these inventions. As an origin, the Olympic Games in Greece propelled the movement before moving to further parts of Europe.

English knights brought this fun game back to England after the great crusades. The ruler at the time, King James I, was particularly fond of such races, but the lack of tracks for the events led to its establishment at different locations by King Henry II.

The legalisation of Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing betting became more prevalent in the 1800s when more racetracks were opened, and operators started accepting wagers from customers. Currently, horse sports racing is popular in many European countries, including France, England, Parts of America, including the United States, etc.

In England, it was more pronounced after the British government signed the Racing Betting Act of 1928 into law. This new legislation was used to control all illegal forms of track betting and redirect the proceeds into the development of the sport.

Modern Horse Racing Bets

As the game became more popular, the demand for more competitions led to its evolution. Modern horse racing betting became more prominent in English fields, with different tournaments and instant payout, inviting more players to the game. Top competitions like the Triple Crown (France), including the Prix du Jockey Club, Grand Prix du Paris, and Prix de I’Arc de Triomphe, became the foundation for present day in the French countryside.


In America, the Belmont Stakes, Preakness Stakes, and the Kentucky Derby are the founding competitions for modern-day betting in the country. Presently, online casinos are more common, and horse racing themes have been infused into pokies. Betting on sports is more profitable than ever, with many operators accepting wagers from punters on different events. Sports betting has also defined the odds, including “fixed-odds”, which is more common than parimutuel betting.

How to Control your Betting Habits

Horse racing is the most popular sport in parts of Europe, with lots of memorable events. An unhealthy control of your betting routines could be detrimental. The possibility of earning real money while wagering on these races from your mobile device can increase the rate of addition to the game. To help you control your finances, here are some crucial tips to watch out for when gambling.

Watch out for the Rules

Betting on horse races has its own rules, like other sports events. A few punters run into problems because they disregard the rules. You don’t need to know much about the game, but working knowledge is good enough.

This is not a team sport; no one will be available to show you the game’s rules if you don’t understand them.

Control your Emotions

Although horse racing is among the most popular sports, there are moments when one feels uneasy about playing the game. It is recommended to have a grip on your feelings when placing wagers. Logic alone is essential to get rewards from betting on this sports event.



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